Inaugural post: Why the Conservative Firing Line?

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Welcome to the Conservative Firing Line!  Some of you who come here for the first time may know me as the Spokane Conservative Examiner.  If you’re not familiar with that column, you can check it out here.

Why does this blog exist?  After all, there are a number of conservative blogs, all of which do yeoman’s work in presenting conservative points of view.

The answer is simple.  Not only will we inform and educate, but we’ll also encourage conservatives to get involved in politics at all levels.  As Rush Limbaugh said in December, we need to “get rid of every liberal in government.”

It starts at the top, but liberals infect every level of government, and they must be defeated in order to ensure America remains a free, sovereign nation with all of the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

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Make no mistake, we are engaged in a struggle for the soul – the very existence – of a free United States, and that means all of us must be actively engaged.  As Rep. Allen West said, we must “fight them wherever they are.”

Welcome, then, to the Conservative Firing Line, and get engaged.

Over time, this site will undergo changes as we tweak things to make them work better, but we invite everyone to participate and have fun.


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