Fake News the Mainstream Media Got Wrong This Week

Fake News the Mainstream Media Got Wrong This WeekThe mainstream media is not the same media decades ago where one could mostly rely on the truth and journalists did their job. But today, false news is the new norm and millions act on these news reports without knowing if they are true or not.

The Hannity.com Staff listed six stories of this past week that failed to be true due to either a lack of real credible journalism, sources or as it has been during the 2016 Presidential Election, to instigate those on the left to loot, riot, and commit other acts of disobedience against President Trump.

The Hannity.com Staff reported:

Trump Eases Russia Sanctions where the left lost it after it was reported that Trump was easing restrictions on Russia. The news seemingly confirmed the Democratic narrative that Trump showed favoritism to Vladimir Putin.

In truth, it turned out that the “easing of sanctions” had been a “technical fix” planned under the Obama administration.

Trump Threatened to Invade Mexico where earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that President Trump threatened to send U.S. troops into Mexico.

The reports were based on a White House readout of a call between Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Trump.

Upon the release of the actual transcripts of the conversation, it turned out that President Trump actually offered to send U.S. assets to assist in Mexico’s fight with drug cartels.

Even the Mexican government vehemently denied the story.

“The assertions that you make about said conversation do not correspond to the reality of it,” the Mexican government said in a statement. “The tone was constructive … and it was agreed by the presidents to continue working and that the teams will continue to meet frequently to construct an agreement that is positive for Mexico and for the United States.”

The other four false stories included Iraqi Mother Dies While Waiting from Trump’s “Muslim Ban”, Judge Gorsuch Started A “Fascism Club” In High School, Trump Renamed “Black History Month” To “African American History Month”, and Trump Setting Up A Supreme Court “Contest” Between Judges which was reported by CNN.

The fake news that is being reported by mainstream media sounds like Russian propaganda in the works, something the Russians has done this in the past and has perfected.

Today’s Russian propaganda “is very adaptive and it does not limit itself to any ideological framework”, senior editor Olga Irisova of the Russian affairs journal Intersection Project told Fairfax Media.

This is true of the many voices over which it is carried, including state-backed broadcasters like Sputnik and RT which pride themselves on offering “alternatives” to traditional media.

This is a significant change from the time of the Cold War.

“While during the Cold War, it was more or less clear what narratives USSR propaganda charged with communist ideology would promote (capitalism versus communism as an alternative model for development; stories about how bad the life is for people in capitalist countries and how well the Soviet state cared for its people) … the current Kremlin propaganda can promote almost any narrative that could undermine people’s confidence in the liberal way of life,” Irisova said.

“Why is Russia doing this? Because under President Vladimir Putin, the nation has embarked on an effort to reclaim the glory of the past, which it largely feels it was robbed of after the collapse of the Soviet Union, said Irisova.

“This sort of cyberwar plays to strengths of Russia society – strong computer and language skills, a robust internet culture and a knowledge of the West. Western citizens, “not fully aware of how the liberal paradigm can respond to new and emerging challenges”, can also get sucked in by the “simple answers Russian propaganda offers to difficult questions”, Irisova stated.

“For all the talk of “fake news”, when it comes to Russia, the bigger risk is more accurately described as half-fake news.”

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