Executive Overreach Comes Back to Haunt

“This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats, it’s about defending the Constitution that we swore an oath to uphold and acting decisively when it might be compromised.”

– Speaker of the House John Boehner

“The main vote that they have scheduled for today is whether or not they decide to sue me for doing my job.” – Barack HUSSEIN Obama

For doing his job…his job has been the destruction of America from within…and yeah…he does need to be sued for that.

So while the House did NOTHING of substance when Brian Terry was killed because of ‘Fast and Furious’…and does NOTHING but investigate the obvious with one continuing investigation after another in regards to Benghazi…and with the IRS scandal still ongoing…the House is finally doing something to call this president to task…although even with this it’s still NOT enough.

Beyond angry about Obama’s decision to delay or change key deadlines and provisions in his infamous ‘anything but affordable’ health care act without consulting Congress, along with his threat to use his ‘pen and his phone’ to grant legal status…as in amnesty…to the thousands of children who are entering our country ILLEGALLY…now in a first of its kind legal challenge by a chamber of Congress against a sitting president, Boehner and crew finally got a “smidgeon” of guts to take this man on.

In a 225 to 201 vote that came down mostly along party lines…with five RINOS voting ‘NO’ (Paul Broun of Maryland, Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Steve Stockman of Texas, and Walter Jones of North Carolina)…Wednesday the House passed a resolution ( authorizing Boehner to file suit in federal court on behalf of the full body “to seek appropriate relief” for Obama’s failure to enforce a provision of ObamaCare that would penalize businesses with 50 or more employees who do NOT offer basic health insurance to those employees…simply Obama’s unilateral decision to issue waivers for the ’employer mandate.’

And with Obama’s choosing to waive the fines for 2014 and then expanding said waiver to extend through 2015 and 2016, the grounds Republicans needed to sue Obama for the unconstitutional executive overreach of his authority, and for, according to Boehner, his failure “to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” were now set in motion.

Finally standing on the side of ‘We the People’ against the man who envisions himself NOT president but a king who can pick and choose what laws he will respect and enforce and what laws he will just throw by the wayside, even with this vote Boehner still insists there are “no plans” to pursue impeachment. Saying all this talk of impeachment is NOTHING but “a scan started by Democrats at the White House.” Boehner as well as we know that if this lawsuit is successful it could very well be the foundation for building a long overdue impeachment case against this most traitorous of presidents. And if in this November’s mid-term election Republicans gain control of the Senate…and they need a net gain of six seats to do so…you just know a call for impeachment will indeed go forward.

In fact, the liberal’s queen bee Nancy Pelosi said she could see NO other reason for this vindictive vote other than it being a precursor for impeachment. “This is about the road to impeachment. And if it is not, the Speaker has to say one simple sentence: ‘Impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi croaked.

And so far Boehner has NOT said those words…and hopefully he NEVER will.

And of course the Democrats joined in and started whining that this vote was NOTHING but election-year politics…grandstanding if you will…and yet another Republican ploy to try to repeal ObamaCare as they continue to defend what even they know to be Obama’s misuse of his executive powers.

In this lawsuit, which Boehner said was designed to help uphold the constitutional system of checks and balances, this vote sets precedence in that NEVER before has the House or Senate tried to challenge a sitting president’s authority in the courts. But remember, the House or a House committee can indeed sue an executive agency or White House officials if they need to seek documents or testimony (as they did when the Senate Watergate Committee sued President Nixon to get the Watergate tapes), because the House does have the authority to investigate government overreaches and Constitutional breeches.

But even if Republicans win in court…and it will be hard for them to do so because of the federal courts’ rules requiring a plaintiff to show actual harm…to show ‘standing’…which is required to sue in federal court and is required for the court to adjudicate the merits of a case…only then will the judges hear Boehner’s case.

However, if the court finds the plaintiff does NOT have ‘standing’ they will dismiss the case without ruling on it. But even if they do hear this particular case, a serious question remains…a question of is it right to give the federal courts the authority to resolve disputes between the different branches of government…branches that should already be held in check as per the Constitution…and it might allow the power of the presidency to be weakened while the power of Congress, and especially the courts, would be strengthened. But even with this, hopefully the judges will see Obama’s overreach as being so grievous that they just might decide to take the case in order to ‘re-establish harmony’ if you will, between the two other branches of government that have also been affected by Obama’s overstepping of his bounds of power.

And what of Obama’s response to all this…to the idea of the courts stepping in to ensure the laws of our land are properly enforced…to ensure that he follow and honor the Constitution…I think his very own words say it all…and the words said were spoken in his best ‘ethnic’ accent that only comes out when he’s playing…when he’s pandering’…to ‘certain’ crowds… “Republicans needed to ‘stop just hatin’ all the time.”

And so the man who has brought hate to levels NOT seen in this country for years has the audacity to call Republicans haters…the man who claims he “has the right” to take action on his own when Congress will NOT do his bidding…the man who sides with America’s enemies every chance he gets…that most miserable excuse of a man…of a president…calls Republicans ‘haters’ simply because they do NOT back his socialist agenda.

But I don’t back his socialist agenda either, so I guess in Obama’s eyes I must be a ‘hater’ too…sadly such is life in today’s Obamaland.

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