Liberals to Rep. Steve Scalise on passage of GOP tax bill: Hope the next shooter has better aim

The circumstances surrounding the passage of the tax reform bill by both houses of Congress are, in some ways, similar to those surrounding the passage of Obamacare. Both measures, for example, were voted to become law without a single yes vote by the opposition party. Like Obamacare, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went to the floor of the House and Senate with many Americans feeling they knew less about the law than they should.

But there are also some significant differences. Following today’s final vote by the House, House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t stick it to his Democratic colleagues by leading an in-your-face parade of Republicans around Capitol Hill carrying an outsize mallet the way his predecessor did.

Another difference is the almost entirely negative reaction to the bill by the so-called “mainstream media,” which unanimously praised Obama’s monumental health care law when it passed in 2010.

Perhaps the most telling difference is that after the passage of Obamacare, Republicans were upset but managed to remain “civil,” to borrow a term that distinguishes liberals from conservatives, according to psychologist Paul Krugman. As for modern Democrats? See for yourself.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

What follows is a Twitter post by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise that also includes a video clip of an appearance he made today on Fox News Channel’s “Varney & Co.”

And here’s what Scalise got in response:


This, of course, is a reference to an incident in which Scalise was shot by a disturbed liberal supporter of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Tony” got his clocked cleaned on Twitter by quite a few social media users who said they had reported him.  As of this writing, the tweet was still up.

Another person expressed hope that the next shooter had a bump stock and better aim.  The tweet appears to have been deleted, but not before it was captured for posterity:

These messages, by the way, violate Twitter’s rule and terms.  It remains to be seen if the social media giant will actually take any action against these users…


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