DHS provides 12k Bonus for Hiring Foreigners Over Americans

pgrfvThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that companies can save $12,000 a year by hiring foreign graduates over Americans.  No, you read that right and it was not a typo.  Companies who hire foreign graduates can avoid paying $12,000 a year in payroll taxes.  The truth is, the savings could be more than $12k.

If the company allows its employees to use the Obamacare health plan, they save the premium they would normally have to pay for an American citizen.  And when you add in the fact those foreigners are likely to work for a lot less money, Americans don’t stand a chance.

The program had allowed foreign grads to work for one year but Obama’s executive order last November raised it to 3 years.  Every year there are a new batch of foreign workers.  Don’t you long for the days when our president loved America?  After eight years it’s getting harder to remember what that was like.  DHS claims that it helps the US economy by keeping students who studied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects here to remain.  But what about American STEM students?  Less than 50% are getting jobs in their studies area.

One other thing to think about.  The companies aren’t paying payroll taxes and the foreign workers aren’t paying their share either, meaning for every foreign worker hired, Social Security and Medicare are losing $24,000 a year.  It’s a lose-lose situation.  And also, how many of these foreign workers will apply for a permanent green card, meaning they will hold a job meant for an American for life.

Why is the DHS getting involved?  Because that’s how Obama rolls.  He decides to do climate change and every department in the federal government is suddenly spending money on climate change programs.  We are now seeing the same thing with illegal and legal immigration.


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