Democrats losing any reason for their existence

There is a distinction between being a Liberal and a true Leftist. While the latter are steadfast in their belief of principles in spite of historic failures (you got to admire their loyalty) liberals, in contrast, could never seem to accept the logical conclusions of what it is they peddle. The Liberal is not necessarily a socialist, but, we do need socialized — oops, scratch that — “Universal” health care, “Universal” pre-school. But don’t call them “socialist.” That’s a bad word.

Now the tables are turning. The proper Left — the real McCoys — are ascending, claiming their rightful place in the political spectrum and trashing Liberalism on its way because it’s in their way.

In The New York Times is an article by Nikil Saval with this title: Hated by the Right. Mocked by the Left. Who Wants to Be “Liberal” Anymore? Savel writes:

Over the last few years, though — and especially 2016 — there has been a surge of the opposite phenomenon: Now the political left is expressing its hatred of liberals, too. For the committed leftist, the ‘‘liberal’’ is a weak-minded, market-friendly centrist, wonky and technocratic and condescending to the working class.

He continues:

When it comes to diagnosing liberalism, both left and right focus on this same set of debilitating traits: arrogance, hypocrisy, pusillanimity, the insulated superiority of what, in 1969, a New York mayoral candidate called the ‘‘limousine liberal.’

Did I mention this is in the New York Times?

But Liberalism has some breath to it according to a piece on CNN’s web site by Ruth Ben-Ghiat. She makes a case that Liberals have caught on to an idea and in doing so unintentionally reveals an unflattering trait:

We will remember 2017 as the year patriotism started to acquire a new vitality and force among Democrats — and the year that the GOP lost control of its narrative. We have President Donald Trump to thank for both of these things.

Started to acquire? Ben-Ghiat all but admits what has been apparent and that Liberalism was less about love of country and more about their own moral superiority. Now with Trump they’re starting to “acquire” patriotism, because after all, it wasn’t in them before? This is supposed to be a compliment? She continues:

Over the past decade, patriotism has been out of vogue among many liberals. Rituals like saluting the flag were largely left to those serving our country at home and abroad through military or government service. Meanwhile, pledges of allegiance conjured memories of school assemblies.

Right. “Out of vogue.” Over the “past decade” (how old is the author?) we’ve had a Liberal president and still Liberals can’t seem to allow patriotism to catch on. Wasn’t trendy you see. Obama couldn’t instill it in them but Trump hatred? That’s a different story. Why if it weren’t for Trump and his Russian business Liberals could continue to be unpatriotic without interruption. She writes:

The ongoing Trump campaign-Russia investigation, which has placed his stewardship of the nation under a cloud of suspicion, is merely the most obvious sign of his dereliction of patriotic duty.

Nothing special about America, on the other hand there’s Trump and this whole Russia thing. Now they love America. Makes perfect sense, no? Is CNN ever going to let this Russian thing go?

Where does all this leave the Democrat Party? Who’s minding the store? The choices are not good. While the Liberal — alright progressive, is that better? — are imploding under their contradictions, smug celebrity elitism; should they still be the vanguard of the Democrat party or does the party become full steam ahead unapologetic Socialist with its stark ignorance of historic and present-day carnage? I don’t see an out here.

There are no rules that state a political party must exist in perpetuity. What does it look like when a party becomes extinct?  There may be nothing left of the Democrats, nothing to point to that gives legitimacy to the idea that what they believe in actually works. We could be living in a time of dramatic political realignment.


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