Conservative Radio Station Calls Top Christian Writer a ‘Homophobic A**hole’

Conservative Radio Station Calls Top Christian Writer a ‘Homophobic A**hole’In what appears to be a total breakdown with some Conservatives, especially if a writer happens to be a Christian, where a conservative talk radio talk station went after conservative Christian writer and called him a ‘Homophobic A**hole’.

The writer at the center of their attack is Matt Walsh, who happens to work for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and who describes himself as a “professional truth sayer.” And states the truth based upon a biblical worldview because he is a staunch Christian conservative.

A short time ago, Jennifer Burke, a Christian Conservative and writer at The PolitiStick responded to the criticism of Walsh.

Burke said:

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I wrote this article earlier today after my local conservative talk radio station, 550 KFYI, posted an article on Facebook in which they referred to conservative Christian writer Matt Walsh as a “homophobic a**hole” and a “homophobic jerk.

When I woke up Saturday morning, my routine was the same as it is every morning. I took my dogs out, then came back inside the house and fixed a cup of coffee in my Keurig. I then did what I always do which is to scour the Internet for the news and do a quick perusal of Facebook to see if there was anything posted from my friends and family in other time zones who had already been up for hours. Imagine my shock and surprise when I noticed a Facebook post on the page for 550 AM KFYI, a conservative talk radio station in Phoenix, Arizona, which attacked a Christian conservative writer.

KFYI isn’t just a conservative radio station. It carries most of the top conservative talk radio hosts in the country including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. Given their base audience are conservatives, which the majority likely being Christian conservatives, one would think they would not attack a top Christian writer as a “homophobic a**hole”…but they did.

When Walsh heard that Maybelline cosmetics hired a man, who even sometimes has the beginnings of a beard, to be the face of a new mascara line, Matt Walsh did what Matt Walsh does. He addressed this perversion of our culture and feminity in an article entitled, “Dad’s we can’t expect our sons to become real men if we don’t teach them how.”

In the opening, Walsh called out CoverGirl, who also recently hired a man to be the face of part of their cosmetics line, and National Geographic for having a boy who believes he is a girl on the cover of their magazine. As always, he didn’t hold back.

Walsh’s article triggered Manny’s father who sent his son a message with what he wanted to say to Walsh then asked that he get it out on his social media channels, which he did. Of course, the Huffington Post picked up the post with a hit piece against Walsh in which they called him a “bigoted blogger.”

Burke stated that she has requested a statement regarding the attack on Matt Walsh from KFYI and will update her article as soon as one is provided.

More at the PolitiStick.

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