CDC Confirms COVID Codes Used To ‘Track’ People

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that the “medical codes” that were introduced during the COVID-19 catastrophe “are being used to track people,” according to a report from The Epoch Times, which said it obtained the details in emails from the federal agency.

At the time, the codes were implemented to monitor which people were declining to accept the Anthony Fauci-recommended experimental shots, and those who were “undervaccinated.”

In details obtained through a Freedom of Information Act process, the publication noted the CDC said at the time the codes were introduced, as part of the International Classification of Diseases system, confirmed they were “to track people.”

The report now says, “The CDC now says it does not have access to the data, but that health care systems do.”

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In emails exchanged among CDC officials, one said, “The ICD codes were implemented in April 2022, however the CDC does not have any data on the codes and does not track this information. The codes were created to enable healthcare providers to track within their practices.”

The scheme arose around the year 2021, and it was Dr. David Bergland, a CDC officer, who suggested, “There has been interest expressed in being able to track people who are not immunized or who are only partially immunized.”

The codes identify people either as being “unvaccinated” or “partially vaccinated.”

The report explains health care providers at the time said they supported the plan, as Danielle Lloyd of America’s Health Insurance Plans and Adam Myrs of Blue Cross Blue Shield, wrote they “will help health insurance providers identify emollees [sic] who may benefit from outreach and further education about vaccination.”

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They continued, “Creating ICD-10 codes that can be tracked via claims would provide health insurance providers key information to help increase immunization rates.”

This was when virtually the entirety of the U.S. health care industry and the government, under Joe Biden, were demanding, sometimes coercing, people to take the experimental shots.

There was virtually no acknowledgement at the time of the hugely negative side effects they produced in some cases, up to and including death.

In fact, government and tech companies worked diligently to suppress any suggestion that there were other useful treatments, or that the shots were a danger.

The report noted Nancy Andersen of Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and Hospitals and Erica Eastham of The Permanente Federation LLC, told the CDC: “These codes provide valuable data for understanding immunization rates and for follow-up with under-immunized patients.”

Most health systems and organizations were intensely promoting the shots at the time, even for age groups that had virtually no exposure to COVID dangers. The chemical companies making the shots ended up profiting by the billions.

Some organization officials claimed the knowledge was important “because this status is a health risk factor, increasing the individual’s risk of morbidity and mortality.”

But the Epoch Time said the ideology was not uniform across the medical industry.

“I have a hard time clinically seeing the medical indication of using them,” Dr. Todd Porter, a pediatrician, told The Epoch Times previously. “We do not do this for influenza, which in the younger age groups has a higher IFR [infection fatality ratio] than COVID-19. Using these codes also disregards the contribution of natural immunity which research evidence shows is more robust than vaccine immunity.”

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, has questioned the CDC about the issue of the codes, but the agency has refused to answer.

“I have asked five simple questions about the CDC’s unprecedented tracking of why Americans declined the COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC has so far refused to answer these basic questions. The American people deserve answers on what data CDC is gathering on Americans and why,” Roy told The Epoch Times.

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