American troops may face ‘zombies’ again in combat

Zombies AGAIN? (Youtube)

It was first reported in 2006 when American Marines fought against zombies in Iraq. Well, not really the brain-eating ghouls of popular culture type-zombies, but at least zombie enough for the Leathernecks to name certain tactics by certain fight-to-the-death jihadists as “Night of the Living Dead”.

Fast forward almost 11-years, if North Korea’s absolute dictator keeps playing with nukes, American troops just may be shooting it out with zombies again, but this time on the other side of the Asian continent.

In a recent news documentary by NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai: Japan Broadcasting Corporation) entitled Inside the “KIMDOM” – North Korea Exposed, the Japanese have given an up-to-date look at Kim Jong-un’s despotic rule that every intelligent person needs to see (entire video below).

Somewhat disconcerting, NHK recorded their interview with Che Hyong Jung, a former platoon leader in the North Korean Army who has since escaped from Kim’s nightmare of a nation.

As seen starting at the 16:10 mark on the video below, Che verifies that front line North Korean troops are issued a mere 120 rounds of ammunition. Expected to burn through the meager allotment of live rounds in a rather quick 10 minutes, the communist troops are fully expected by their leaders to go hand-to-hand with the Yanks.

Unfortunately for the North Koreans, the Americans will be far from low on ammo. Very far.

Literally and figuratively, after a rather furious 10 minute shoot-out, the North Koreans will show-up to an American gunfight with little else but knives.

As the former-NKPA officer states, the North Korean troops will be forced to drink a hallucination-inducing “front line liquor” which will turn them into veritable fearless “zombies”.

As noted in the opening of this article, the Los Angeles Times reported that Marines during the Battle of Fallujah in 2006 had to slug it out with doped-up jihadis that the Devil Dogs likened to zombies;

The insurgents, having learned from earlier fights with the Marines, were no longer fighting in the streets. Instead, they waited inside homes, ready to spray bullets as Marines pushed through a door or entryway.

Some had injected themselves with lidocaine, Novocain or adrenaline, allowing them to fight even after receiving mortal wounds, a spectacle the Marines called the “Night of the Living Dead.”



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