Bye-bye: Michael Moore wants to join the EU now that Great Britain has left

Michael Moore wants to join the EU after Brexit. Bye-bye.There are times when liberals show us there is no limit to their utter stupidity.  Case in point: Michael Moore, the wealthy filmmaker worth some $50 million.

On Thursday, he issued a tweet letting it be known that he would like for the United States to join the European Union now that Great Britain has voted to leave.  Never mind that the United States is not a European country.

Here’s his tweet:

What do you mean “we,” white man?  If you mean “we left-wing statists and socialists,” you’d be correct.  But if you mean the entire population of the United States, you’re a bit off the mark.

Naturally, Twitter responded:

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Come to think of it, it wasn’t all that long ago that he stood in front of Trump Tower and declared that “we are all Muslim.”

One person told him:


But doesn’t that describe pretty much the entire left?

It is true that he has benefited greatly from his movies and books.  Nevertheless, he refuses to accept the fact that he’s rich — at least not in public.  And he absolutely hates it when he gets called on it.  In fact, he thinks capitalism is a crime, even though he’s gotten filthy rich off of it.

One person asked:

Good question.  Unfortunately, you won’t get a good answer.  We are talking about Michael Moore, after all…


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