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How, exactly, would a President Trump respond if he thought a foreign head of state "disrespected" him? After all, as president, his finger would be the one on the nuclear button.

What kind of a president would Donald Trump make? While speaking at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, he dropped the "f-bomb..."

For most, this would be obvious, but for some it needs to be spelled out. ISIS terrorists are working their way into Europe disguised as migrant refugees.

According to Amos Yadlin, the former head of the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate, Facebook is Israel's greatest threat.

The second-worst president in US history -- a Democrat -- says Donald Trump has no fixed opinions he would fight for in the White House. Trump loved what amounted to a tacit endorsement from Jimmy Carter.

A post at the Linn County GOP site indicates that Ben Carson knew CNN was responsible for starting the rumor that he was dropping out -- NOT Ted Cruz.

Using the grainy aerial footage provided by the FBI, Josh Bernstein illustrates how LaVoy Finicum could have been shot up to seven times by the FBI and OSP.

Donald Trump just jumped a whole ocean full of sharks and said he'll "probably" sue Ted Cruz over the results of the Iowa Caucus. As a result, the term "#Trumpertantrum" began trending on Twitter.

So much for the comity he showed Monday night.  Repeating the claim that Ted Cruz said Ben Carson was dropping out of the race...

It's no wonder America is in the shape it's in right now.  A video posted to Facebook on Monday shows just how little college...

There have been a number of legitimate questions raised over the shooting of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon since last week's tragic encounter on the...

On Monday, a number of Ben Carson supporters were angry after rumors spread that the Cruz campaign sent emails claiming that Carson was dropping...