What Senator Has the Highest Approval Rating Among Democrats? John McCain

John McCain’s approval rating has gone through the roof.  Between 2015 and 2017, McCain’s approval has dropped 10% among Republicans from 61% to 51%.  But his overall approval numbers are up by 5 points, thanks to a 22 point jump in McCain’s approval rating by Democrats, which are now at a whopping 71%.

McCain’s office insists that he is not thinking about switching parties and vows that he will never switch to the Republican party.  I, for one, believe them.

Consider, for example, his vote to preserve Obamacare despite years of campaign promises.  Of course, he won’t have to depend on that for his brain tumor.  Nope, he shares his healthcare with the rest of Congress because only peons have to endure Obamacare.

In his home state of Arizona, Obamacare rates are set to more than double even though deductibles and co-payments are historically high.  How would you like it if 71% of the liberals agreed with your core beliefs?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

A Gallup poll notes:

Democratic Gain More Than Offsets Republican Decline to Boost Overall McCain Image Ratings
Figures are the percentage who have a favorable opinion of McCain
August 2015 August 2017 Change
% % pct. pts.
U.S. adults 53 58 +5
Democrats 49 71 +22
Independents 50 54 +4
Republicans 61 51 -10

 The Democratic and Republican shifts in opinions of McCain have created a rare instance in which a politician receives better ratings from supporters of the opposition party than from his own party’s base.

Gallup has documented only one other case in which a politician had significantly higher ratings from the opposition party than from his own party. McCain’s friend and former Senate colleague, Democrat Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, had higher ratings among Republicans than Democrats in two 2006 polls.

Lieberman’s consistent support for the Iraq War was at odds with most elected Democrats’ views, and his pro-war positions caused Democratic identifiers to sour on him while Republicans came to view him positively. By July 2006, when the incumbent Lieberman was engaged in a spirited primary campaign he ultimately lost, Republicans rated Lieberman better than Democrats did.

Surprised?  I’m not  After all, Benedict Arnold was looked at much more favorably by the Tories that he was among American patriots.


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