Welcome to Your Destiny, Lemmings!

Welcome to Your Destiny, Lemmings!

Welcome to Your Destiny, Lemmings! | image tagged in lemmings,sheeple,covidiots,covid vaccine,final destination,99 percent survival rate | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

“We also know that if they do become infected, and maybe not even have symptoms, or have mild symptoms, that they’re probably less likely to transmit it.” ~Johns-Hopkins School of Public Health Experts

So what’s up with all of you people who have taken the jab for a virus with a 99% survival rate worrying about being infected with the so-called “Delta Variant?”

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Social media users have questioned why a COVID-19 vaccine found to be 90% efficient has been hailed as a breakthrough, when the disease itself has a survival rate of 99%. This comparison lacks context.

How are people ok with a 90% success rate for the Pfizer vaccine but yet they’re not ok with a 99% survival rate for the virus? Make it make sense please, or all of you a–holes trying to guilt those of us who have already survived COVID without a vaccine can just shut up! You’re morons, that is the problem! You believe everything you’re told by other morons like Dr. Anthony Fauci. A better description of you is lemmings; ready to jump on the bandwagon because some moronic imbecile told you you still run the risk of being infected with a virus that has a 99% survival rate WITHOUT a vaccine!

I find it amusing that these so-called educated people refuse to look at all the evidence. One such person claims that even those of us who have survived COVID continue to spread the disease via our excrement in the sewage we produce. If there was any truth to this, everybody on the planet would have AIDS by now.

Sewage is first treated to the point where it’s clean enough for irrigation: It’s turned into reclaimed water. That then goes into a three-step purification process. The water is sucked in through filters that are like tiny straws. Then it’s pulled through membranes that only let water molecules through. Then hydrogen peroxide gets added and the water gets blasted with ultraviolet light.

Scientists say it’s cleaner than our existing sources. First, though, it gets mixed in with existing sources and is then treated again like all tap water is before it goes to the tap.

Really? How clean is purified sewage? What about the yuck factor?

The water that would be produced from San Diego’s purified sewage plant would be cleaner than what we’re currently getting from the Colorado River and Sacramento Delta, our two main supplies, which get discharges from sewage plants and farms.

“There’s no question about that,” said James Crook, an environmental engineer who serves on a scientific panel advising San Diego’s study. “Clearly, it’s superior to your existing water supply.”

You’re sheeple with your lemming mentality in accepting all this rubbish tells me that if a call went out for you to board the train for a COVID-free destination, you couldn’t get on the train fast enough. Are you beginning to see the deeper picture here, yet?

Exit question: If Fauci said you need to jump off the top of the Empire State Building, would you do it?

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(Ed.  We are not opposed to vaccines, but we are opposed to the tyrannical means some are pushing to get Americans vaccinated.)


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Jerry Emery

Gerald is a 66 year-old grandfather of 4, firmly committed to restoration of the American Republic through education of the ignorant. 30 years of revisionist historians have dumbed-down the millennial generation. History or the lack of it, will be the downfall of the millennial generation unless our generation steps up and re-educates the illiterate, ignorant public. This revisionist history is intentional, part of the Marxist model. Over half of the Democrats in our nation's Congress are in reality registered Communists. This shall not prevail as long as I can do something about it.

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