WATCH: Tucker: Dark powers are ‘conquering the human mind’

BEWARE: Satan's Handiwork Activated. At Play.

WHEREAS it is not necessary to agree with everything that a political pundit/analyst concludes, there are certain times when the cumulative evidence points in an irrefutable direction, like it or not.

NOW, when it comes to the destructive underbelly of particular powers that be, that is, the puppeteers behind the worldwide scenes, trust, when their lips are moving, yes, they are lying!

MOREOVER, when power and control are the only acceptable outcome for the aforementioned dark forces, well, NOTHING is off limits. NOTHING.



Why did the medical establishment push the Covid vax on the world even when they knew it didn’t work? Dr. Michael Nehls says it wasn’t about money. It was about conquering the human mind.
EFFECTIVELY, sans the bastardization/co-option of what heretofore was deemed scientific-based evidence, coupled with the collusion of medical professionals propping up evil political/business power brokers, the knock-on effects via covid would have fallen under the Satanic-driven weight of its own sword.
AS such, pay heed to Tucker’s jaw-dropping interview.

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