Washington, DC’s solution to rat problem; throw $1 million at it

You dirty rat. (Twitter)
You dirty rat. (Twitter)

Washington, DC has a rat problem, and not just the rodents that comprise the Deep State, RINOs or statist Democrats.

But a rat infestation that’s comparable to the estimated two million of the filthy vermin that have long since plagued New York City.

If the Ick Factor isn’t ratcheted-up high enough for you, the below video from National Geographic will surely send shivers down your spine;

“They were actually gnawing inside of the bags and leaving the remnants of where they were eating to get inside of the bags. Parts of the bag on the tray. I saw scratches on the bodies.”

So what’s the District’s answer to combat the rat takeover? The standard Democrat solution – throw money at the problem.

Lots and lots of money.

As reported by Washington, DC’s WTOP;

Warmer winters apparently have been great for D.C.’s rat community, and District officials hope to change that.

Mayor Muriel Bowser outlined initiatives Thursday to reduce the rat population, which is believed to have increased in the last few years. According to officials, the number of rodent-abatement requests increased last year by 65 percent — from 2,300 in 2015 to more than 3,500 in 2016.

D.C.’s initiatives focus on improving how the District, businesses and residents manage what rats love: all that delicious trash.

The District’s Department of Small and Local Business Development will offer grants of up to $13,500 for some businesses to purchase or lease a sealed, rodent-proof commercial compactor for their trash, recyclables or compost. The grant program runs through September and could help over 60 businesses.

In addition, D.C.’s Health Department will deploy 25 solar trash cans and 400 “smart” litter bins in “rat hot spots.”

With the grants at “up to $13,500” for “over 60 businesses,” the sealed, rodent-proof trash compactors tally up to roughly $810,000.

You dirty rat. (Twitter)
You dirty rat. (Twitter)

With no dollar figure given on what the solar trash cans or the smart litter bins will cost the taxpayers, it’s a fair bet that the entire short-term alleged solution will easily pass the $1 million mark.

For their part, fully-grown standard adult rats are capable of squeezing through holes the size of a quarter, leap up to 4 feet, survive a fall from a four story building, and tread water for three days.

The ever increasing number of rats that have reached giant-size present their own unique set of uber-creepy problems.

Furthermore, each rat litter has up to a dozen brand spankin’ new rats. Rats start reproducing at the age of two-months-old and punch-out a new litter every two months.

With a lifespan of roughly one a year, one female rat can easily become the mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc, to literally thousands of rodents within the span of her lifetime.

To date, the DC government hasn’t initiated a rat bounty program, much like how many states offer bounties on destructive, and sometimes deadly, animals such as coyotes and feral pigs.

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