Video suggests Democrats offering payment for Hillary votes — in California

California man says promised money to vote for ClintonDemocrats want us to believe that voter fraud doesn’t exist at all, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a Russian agent doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.  But a video posted to Twitter on Saturday by a mobile software engineer using the screen name of “MicroSpookyLeaks” indicates that some may have actually been offered money to vote for Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t appear that any money actually changed hands, but rather a promise of money only if Hillary wins.

“Hillary will give you a rebate check for $300,” the man in the video says.  The man further said he was told this by the manager at the halfway house where he apparently lives.

He went on to say that he wasn’t given anything to sign, but would be if Clinton wins.


But since this is California, and we’re talking about Hillary Clinton. it’ll be a very cold day in a very hot place before anything will ever be done…

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Besides, only those working for Russia think there’s voter fraud.


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