Virginia moonbat asks: ‘Anyone know where I can rent a tank?’

dickinsonMike Dickinson, the radical left-wing Virginia moonbat who once sought the House seat formerly held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., wants to rent a tank, and sought advice from Twitter.  Of course, he didn’t exactly say what he wanted the tank for, but given his violent rhetoric and stated desire to see conservatives dead, it’s easy to speculate why he would want a weapon of war.

Remember, this is the same Mike Dickinson who offered a $100,000 bounty for nude pics of Miss Arkansas and hunter-cheerleader Kendall Jones.  He also once pined for violent conflict with members of the Tea Party.

Naturally, he was soundly criticized.

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In May, he revealed his fantasy to go back to the days of the Civil War:

“Im (sic) proud of America. Our great military beat the first terrorists, the first traitors; the confederates,” he began.

He then fantasized about living during the time of the Civil War.

“I wish everyday I had a chance to live in the time period of the civil war- I would have loved help to destroy the confederacy,” he said.

He then called members of the Tea Party terrorists. He also claimed to be “leading the charge” against the Tea Party and Fox News.

“Instead I live in 2014- and instead of confederate terrorists we have tea party terrorists. Im (sic) leading the charge to destroy them and fox,” he tweeted.

Now, he just wants to see everyone to the right of Stalin dead, and he minces no words about it.  While he is not an official Democratic Party candidate for office, he typifies what the party has turned into.  And it’s not good.


Seems Michael Savage was right when he said liberalism is a mental disorder…


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