Virginia Democrat Wants State To KIDNAP Children Who Belong To “Transphobic” Parents

(Natural News) Parents in Virginia who are caught “deadnaming” their transgender-identifying children could soon be forced to hand them over to the state for rehoming.

A campaign surrogate of Democrat Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger made statements at a recent school board meeting in Prince William County (PWC) suggesting that gender-dysphoric children who believe they are trans but whose parents disagree should be kidnapped by the government and transferred to “affirming households.” (Related: Some members of the transgender mafia also believe that trans people should receive “reparations” for having to face deadnaming and other perceived forms of aggression.)

The topic came up when an individual in attendance questioned Democrat PWC Supervisor Kenny Boddye about a recent announcement by the group Pride Liberation Project that this is the plan moving forward.

Here is the question that was asked of Boddye: “Recently announced by the group [Pride Liberation Project] was that they were establishing, forgive me for one moment, it was the, affirming households is what they were establishing. That adults could take in kids that feel like that they’re not being affirmed at home so that they can come live and reside with that adult. What are your thoughts on that policy?”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Here is Boddye’s response: “I think that’s something that would have to be very carefully looked at. Because while it’s one thing if it’s a family friend, or you know, a family member or something like that, that knows the household knows there’s issues there, that’s known to the kids themselves and the parents, that’s one thing. But if you’re talking to someone who’s out, an outsider, someone who’s not a known entity to that, to that, that individual or that child or that family, I think you need to be careful with that.”

Boddye would go on to talk about how there are already other types of systems in place such as foster care and adoption programs that have “guardrails” in place to try to ensure a safe environment for rehomed children. However, he stated toward the end of his response that “we wouldn’t need those kinds of guardrails in place before I would support something like” what Pride Liberation Project is proposing.

Members of the LGBT cult want to become your child’s “parents”

Boddye is a political candidate in one of the most competitive swing district races in the country, so it is nothing short of disturbing that he believes parents should be stripped of their parental rights, including access to their own children, for refusing to play along with LGBT delusion and mental illness.

It gets worse, though. Boddye further likened deadnaming and refusal to use “gender pronouns” as a form of abuse, which in his mind justifies a child being abducted by the state and moved to another “family.”

“It’s obviously best when parents are affirming their kids,” Boddye stated.

“That’s what I believe in. I affirm my kids every single day. But there’s a big gradient between affirming your kids, not affirming your kids and being downright abusive and unwelcoming and intolerant and deadnaming your kid and what have you.”

In other words, deadname is “downright abusive,” in Boddye’s mind. He also called deadnaming a form of “neglect” and “emotional abuse,” stating that he believes such situations “really need to be looked into.”

Pride Liberation Project’s goal is to abduct all gender dysphoric children whose parents want to protect them from LGBT annihilation and place them with “queer-friendly” guardians, as arbitrarily determined by the group in conjunction with the state.

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