Vindication: Court Issues Ruling On Pastor Pawlowski’s Covid Violation Charges (Video)

ClashDaily readers will remember Pastor Pawlowski as the bold pastor who unceremoniously threw health authorities out of his church while calling them ‘Gestapo’ for interrupting church services.

From there, we saw an ongoing battle between the authoritarian instincts of the provincial government to make an example out of Pawlowski and his brother versus a couple of bold and defiant believers who would bow the knee only to Christ himself.

Pawlowski and his brother were arrested and fined on several occasions, and in October of 2021, had received a sentence for Covid violations and for speaking out against the government’s official guidance on the virus.

An appeal was filed, and we came to the court date where a judge finally heard their appeal to the government’s complaint against him and would determine whether there had been wrongdoing.

A delicious cherry o top to the news is that even the State-owned government media (who has always been openly hostile to the Pawlowskis) was forced to present the truth of the case in their reporting.

They were convicted of contempt of court for breaking COVID-19 health rules in June 2021, tied to the enforcement of an injunction granted a month earlier to Alberta Health Services (AHS).
All three were fined, put on probation and ordered to present the perspective of medical experts if they continued to deliver public speeches that criticized COVID-19 public health rules.
On Friday, the appeals court set aside the speech provisions included in all three orders and set aside the sanctions against Scott and the contempt findings against both Pawlowskis, which resulted in the sanctions also falling.
The appeal court agreed with the argument that the order did not apply to the Pawlowskis and didn’t sufficiently capture what they were doing in May 2021.
 — CBC

The judge also explained why the court was overturning the case. It really doesn’t matter if the Pawlowskis can be seen as ‘abrasive’. The criticism was that the judge in the lower court injected personal feelings and perspectives into the case, something that should never be he case in a judicial ruling.

…she argued that the Court of Queen’s Bench justice made the decision based on a disagreement with what the Pawlowskis were doing.
“Rather than the proper legal analysis as to, does the order apply, and if so, what is an appropriate sanction?” Miller said.
“They’re not by any means endorsing the Pawlowskis, that’s not what we were asking for. But they have concluded that AHS did not obtain an order that applied to the Pawlowskis.”

The government has been ordered to return any money they have paid in fines, and to cover the entirety of any legal costs incurred by the Pawlowskis. Those costs are sitting at $15,733.50.

Rebel News has a put out a 2-hour video describing the open defiance to government hostility that Pastor Artur has shown since long before Covid, when city police tried to fine him $1000 for an ‘illegal gathering’ when he was giving out food to the homeless through to when he went viral throwing the health authorities out of his church for violating the sanctity of a worship service — during Holy Week, no less! — to his arrest on a Calgary highway, all the way up to a discussion about his vindication.

If you want to get the deep dive, Canada’s Rebel News has been going all-in on his story, and this video is a good place to start:

Pastor Artur did what many pastors didn’t have the stones to do — he stood on his principles and chose obedience to Christ over Obedience to the State.

It doesn’t always lead to a happy ending, but in some cases, like the letter to the Church in Philadelphia, (Revelation 3) and here in Pastor Artur’s case, doing the right thing paid off, not just in the light of eternity, but also in the here-and-now.

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