Communist Traitor Hanoi Jane Fonda Says ‘Murder’ Of Pro-Lifers A Possible Solution To Abortion Debate, Later Backtracks (Video)

While appearing on Friday’s edition of ABC’s hour of ignorant hate, also known as “The View,” Jane Fonda told the cackling coven that she has considered “murder” as a possible solution to the debate surrounding the issue of abortion.  While she didn’t specifically say she wanted to deliberately murder specific Republicans and other pro-lifers, the insinuation was very clear.

“Besides marching and protesting, what else do you suggest?” Joy Behar asked.

“Well, it does involve murder,” Fonda shot back.

“Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a miraculous – What did you say?” Lily Tomlin asked, apparently shocked by Fonda’s comment.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“Murder,” Fonda calmly replied with a straight face, prompting approval from the audience.

“She’s kidding. Wait a second, she’s just kidding,” Behar interjected, apparently hoping to avoid backlash.  Fonda, however, gave Behar a look that more than suggested she wasn’t kidding.

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Here’s a transcript of the relevant portion, also courtesy of Newsbusters:

JANE FONDA: We have experienced many decades now of having agency over our body, of being able to determine when and how many children to have. We know what that feels like. We know what that’s done for our lives. We’re not going back. I don’t care what the laws are. We’re not going back.


JOY BEHAR: The women will rise up.

SUNNY HOSTIN: That’s the activist!

BEHAR: That’s Jane.

HOSTIN: Speaking and she probably will get a Nobel Prize very, very soon.

FONDA: It’s true. It’s the truth. We’re not going to do it. We’re going to fight.

BEHAR: Besides marching and protesting, what else do you suggest?

FONDA: Well, it does involve murder.

LILY TOMLIN: Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a miraculous – What did you say?

FONDA: Murder.

BEHAR: She’s kidding. Wait a second, she’s just kidding.

TOMLIN: Don’t say that.

BEHAR: Oh, you don’t know. They’ll pick up on that and just run with it.

TOMLIN: Yeah, that’s the worst.

BEHAR: She’s just kidding.

FONDA: [Shoots a disapproving look toward Behar] [Laughter]

HOSTIN [nervous tone]: Let’s move on and talk about Jane’s activism which is legendary.

The response to Fonda’s outrageous and blatant call for murder didn’t sit well with many, who responded on Twitter.  One person reminded us of Fonda’s propaganda trip to Vietnam back in 1972:

Like a good liberal.

Twitchy observed: “The ‘stop the dangerous rhetoric’ Democrats won’t say a word about that.”

Newsbusters later said Fonda told Fox News her statement was made in jest.  Yeah, right…

In a statement to Fox News Friday evening, Fonda suggested “my comment on The View was obviously made in jest. My body language and tone made it clear to those in the room – and to anyone watching – that I was using hyperbole to make a point.”

Adding: “Women across the country are facing real threats when it comes to our bodies, and people lose faith in our mission to protect women when others choose to focus on tangential issues and passing jokes instead of the actual problem at hand.”

But, Nicholas Fondacaro concluded, “given Hostin’s nervous attempt to change the subject, it wasn’t so obvious even to the cast of The View.”

Nor was it obvious to many others, including GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Tex., who made it clear that she had reported Fonda’s threat to Capitol Police.  Not that they’ll actually do anything…

Jane Fonda and The View, must issue a full retraction of Fonda’s sickening call to murder pro-life politicians and those who fight for the rights of unborn babies,” Luna added.  

“Calling for the murder of a pro-life politicians (sic) is not only dangerous but it’s incredibly sick. This leads to targeting and can result in someone being seriously hurt. The View should be ashamed that they condone violence, especially against women elected officials as we are already targeted way more for stalking and violence way more than our male counterparts,” Luna said on Twitter.

Something tells me it’ll be a cold day in Hell before the propagandists of “The View” apologize.

Other lawmakers responded:

This is the modern left, America.  And yes, if you disagree with them, they want you dead.  Let that sink in.


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