Video: Police Officer dragged by car, traffic stop turns violent

Video: Officer dragged by car, traffic stop turns violentA Brooklyn, Ohio police officer’s body camera was rolling as a routine traffic stop turned violent when the officer pulled over 34-year-old Thomas LaForce.

Police say there were active warrants for LaForce’s arrest. When the officer tried to remove him from the vehicle, Laforce sped away, dragging the officer with him.

Police began chasing LaForce, who was weaving in and out of traffic. Dash cam video shows him dumping the passenger, who took off on foot, and then speeding back onto Ridge Road.

The officer catches up to him and rams his cruiser into the suspect’s van. Multiple officers surround the van and start smashing out the window.

No shots were fired as officers removed LaForce from the van without further incident. Charges are now pending against LaForce who was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

Two officers were treated for minor injuries and released.

The attacks on police officers continues as two officers were shot in southwest Houston, Texas and a Florida deputy was shot and the suspect was killed in the officer-involved shooting

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that law enforcement offers have been more reluctant to do their jobs in the face of “viral videos” and “targeted killings of police” around the nation.

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