Video of the Day: MSNBC hack spreads conspiracy theory that Trump will ‘shut down voting’ in California if acquitted

We’ve heard a lot of truly stupid things from MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal hate.  But this has to rank as being one of the most stupid.  On Thursday, Jason Johnson, a favorite propagandist on the far-left wing outlet, put forward the idea that President Trump might shut down voting in California if he’s acquitted.

“Imagine Donald Trump deciding sometime in June, ‘Well, I heard this conspiracy theory that a lot of illegal immigrants voted in California, so I’ve decided that during the presidential election California has to undergo extreme vetting because we can’t trust their votes. We’re going to shut down voting in a state,’” he said.

And believe it or not, he was SERIOUS.

“This is literally the kind of thing he will do now. We’re not talking hypotheticals anymore,” he said.

So why people aren’t concerned, why people don’t realize that this is step one to actual autocracy? Not the theoretical one, not the one we talk about in class, but an actual president who will say, “This state’s votes don’t count. These people don’t have a right to vote. These people can’t come into the country.” That is what they’re allowing to happen here,” he added.

Of course, he offered no proof of his insane conspiracy theory, but being a leftist, he’s not required to.  Especially on MSNBC.

Ironically, Newsbusters‘ Kyle Drennen said, “at the start of his diatribe, Johnson denounced how ‘people spout nonsense’ on ‘Fox News’ and ‘Donald Trump always listens.'”

He concluded by asking, “What about the nonsense being spewed on MSNBC on a daily basis?”

How about on an hourly basis?

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

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