Video: Migrants in EU demand welfare; Migrant in Germany threatens rape

threatrapeDespite the best efforts of the so-called “mainstream media” and heads of social media giants like Mark Zuckerberg, the truth about the “migrant” issue in Europe is coming out.

A 20-minute video posted to YouTube Saturday gives one picture of what is really happening in the EU.  It seems, according to the video, that most of these “migrants” are only looking to collect a government check — they’re apparently not interested in building a life or providing for their families.  At about 13:19 into the video, one can see a migrant reportedly in a German welfare office threatening rape if he doesn’t get money…

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, but it is the first video I’ve seen that presents the information in quite this fashion.

You’ll see, for example, migrants refusing food and water, threatening to leave the country they’re in over the amount of money they receive, engaging in violence and yes, threatening rape.  It’s well worth watching the full 20 minutes.

What’s scary is that there are some who want to bring this into the U.S.


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