Video: Man says ex-girlfriend sexually molested by nine Muslim migrants in Sweden

A Swedish man says his ex-girlfriend was sexually molested by 9 Muslim migrantsOn Friday, a man from Sweden said that he received word that his ex-girlfriend was sexually molested by nine Muslim migrants in broad daylight.  He posted a video on Twitter, which was also posted to Vidmax (Warning: Strong language):

Here’s the video posted to Vidmax, and there’s a lot of expletives and strong language:

He also posted a message he translated into English:

A post at Hidden Americans notes:

The Arabic gang-rape ‘Taharrush’ phenomenon which sees women surrounded by groups of men in crowds and sexually assaulted… and has now spread to Sweden. The stories of gang rape coming out of Sweden have grown exponentially since they flooded the country with Muslim immigrants.

The ‘progressives’ and liberals are destroying the western world. They constantly push sob stories to allow massive amounts of unvetted refugees from the Muslim world. Sweden, is the feminist capital of the world and they don’t give care about importing a rape culture into their country that is actively raping their women.

A post at the Right Scoop adds:  “…I would take this all with a skeptical eye until there is further confirmation, but given what we’ve seen from other migrants, I wouldn’t be surprised…”

For those who doubt this is happening, consider the following report from Breitbart, posted on Thursday:

The victim of a man who allegedly sexually harassed four women has told a local newspaper that the migrant told them that he hates Sweden and is only there so that he can “f*** Swedish girls”.

In a central square in Vimmerby, in the early hours of Sunday morning, four women were approached by a migrant shouting abuse, who then pulled his trousers down in front of them.

The man started to follow the young women and when they asked him to stop, telling him they felt uncomfortable with his behaviour, the 27 year old became aggressive. One of the women told the Dagens Vimmerby that, after becoming agitated, the migrant then began screaming that he hates Sweden and telling them that he’s only in the country to “f*** Swedish girls” and spend their money.

He was found and arrested for indecent exposure and sexual harassment after he urinated on a bench.  It turns out he had previously received a deportation order.

Just think — Hillary Clinton wants to bring tens of thousands of these migrants into the United States…


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