WATCH: As Trump praises U.S. troops, Biden asks 6-year-old girl if she’s 17!

WHY oh why is it that within every “DemonRat” hidey-hole pedos are uncovered and scurrying about akin to rats!? Concomitantly, alongside said truth-train, ask yourself: Why is it that multiple showers are needed to wipe off the stench from their sewer of all sewers!? Rhetorical.

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NOW that that has been given an airing — and before we segue to “PEDO JOE” — let’s commence this cesspool-like journey through its actual underbelly, that is, “PIZZAGATE!” No, the aforementioned is hardly borne out of the feverish imaginations of “conspiracy theorists!”

SPEAKING of one of its higher-ups, the capo dei capi, it is intrinsic to examine the below back-ups — this ain’t no fairy tale. Mind you, the “friend” is so much more. Enough said…..

AS promised, here comes the pile-up of evidentiary trails re “PEDO JOE!” Know this: the trails were developed way prior to the recent touchy-feely “Turkey Pardon” event in D.C.

ONTO the latest,

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WND | By Bob Unruh | November 20, 2023

‘I love your ears. I love ’em, they’re really cool’

Joe Biden asks a 6-yyear-old girl i she's 17. (Video screenshot)

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