Machete-Wielding Syrian Refugee Kills One, Injures Two

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Breitbart London reported that a Syrian refugee in Reutlingen, Germany, hacked a pregnant woman to death with a machete, then injured another man and woman. A man who witnessed the incident deliberately rammed his BMW into the perpetrator, which ended the attack.

An argument broke out at a local “kebab” shop in the city. The perpetrator hacked the woman to death and came after two others, injuring them.  The son of the kebab shop owner jumped in his car and rammed into the attacker, likely saving many lives.

syrian refugee

Motive “unknown”

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It is possible the woman was married to the attacker. Of course, German police don’t think it had anything to do with terrorism.  Just a routine machete-hacking in a domestic disturbance. I’m sure it was just a tolerant moment for the religion of peace.

“…Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing to do whatsoever with terrorism.” Hillary Clinton 2015



Reutlingen police issued this statement:

“Shortly before 16:30 we received several emergency calls at the police headquarters in Reutlingen, that a man had quarreled with a woman in the area of the central bus station and had injured her with a machete. The woman suffered fatal injuries.

The perpetrator was arrested a few minutes later close to the scene due to the rapid intervention of the police. After the initial fatal attack the perpetrator injured another woman and a man.

The suspect is a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Syria. He is known to the police. According to current knowledge, he is a lone operator, a threat to the population in and around Reutlingen at present is not likely.

According to current knowledge there is no evidence of a terrorist attack.”

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