Video: Juan Williams suggests conservatives hate immigrants

juan-williamsIt seems liberals are willing to toss any smear out there if they think it will help their cause.

Case in point:  Juan Williams suggested on Fox News that the only reason conservatives want border security and a fence is because of their anger at immigrants.  This was after he admitted that a majority want border security.

“There’s a Republican element, again hard right, that is playing in the House, that’s playing to anger at immigrants. I mean, this fixation with the wall and border security. Yeah, as Mary Katherine says a high percentage of Americans say secure the borders. But, building this wall, putting billions into it at a time when we are talking about budget austerity, just suggests the kind of anger at immigrants on the hard right,” he said.

I guess a high percentage of Americans also hate immigrants, right, Juan?

Video of his comments can be seen below, courtesy of the Gateway Pundit:

Don’t forget, this is the same Juan Williams who once claimed the words “Constitution” and “Founding Fathers” are racial code words.


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