Video: Eyewitness says LaVoy Finicum shot with hands up

finicum1As we reported last night, rancher LaVoy Finicum was shot dead by federal agents during a felony car stop on the road to John Day, Oregon.  According to one person who allegedly witnessed the entire incident, Finicum was shot while his hands were raised.

Moreover, the witness said, agents fired the first — and only — shots, about 120 in all, she estimated, meaning there was no firefight and no “standoff.”

The witness is identified in the video as Victoria Sharp, who said she was in the car with Finicum.  According to the video, Sharp recalled the incident at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The account she gives is harrowing, to say the least:

According to Sharp, officers not only shot the tires, causing the car to crash, but began riddling the car with bullets. Sharp also said Finicum was shot while walking with his hands in the air.  According to Sharp, officers shot Finicum three more times after he had fallen to the ground.

The account differs somewhat from what Ammon Bundy reportedly told his wife, but not by much.  Bundy allegedly said officers shot Finicum three times while on the ground, but it was unclear if he had been shot prior to falling.

Bundy and several others were arrested and are now in custody.

As we said earlier, this story is far from over.  We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.


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