Va. liberal Mike Dickinson: Can the gov’t imprison teen hunter Kendall Jones for crimes against humanity?

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predatorOn Monday, Mike Dickinson, the self-described “left-wing liberal” seeking the House seat held by Eric Cantor, R-Va., demonstrated the definition of “low-information” when he asked if 19-year-old Kendall Jones — the Texas Tech cheerleader who also happens to be a hunter — can be thrown into prison for crimes against humanity.

The reason?  She’s a hunter, and he hates her guts.

He actually went there…

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Fortunately, a number of people schooled Dickinson on the difference between “humanity” and animals.

Others reminded Dickinson that the animals Jones hunts are not endangered.  Of course, facts mean nothing to unhinged liberals like Dickinson.

In fact, Dickinson is so terrified of Jones that he has offered $100,000 for nude photos or videos of the young cheerleader in an effort to assassinate her character.

Here’s just a sampling of Dickinson’s obsessive, misogynistic tweets:

And to think this creature actually wants to be in Congress…

One person had a different idea:




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