Tweet of the Day: Bernie Sanders defends ‘smart and compassionate’ Maxine Waters

Despite what you may think, chivalry is not dead. When a cad recently insulted a fair damsel by dismissing her as a “very low I.Q. individual,” it was gratifying to see a man of breeding come to her aid.

So who were the players in this little morality play? The cad and the man of breeding, as you can infer from the title of this post, are President Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders, respectively.

And the damsel? She is identified in a tweet Sanders posted on Sunday:

That’s right — none other than Maxine Waters, the California Democrat obsessed with impeachment and conspiracy theories involving Russia.

For the record, Waters defended herself after Trump’s remark at last week’s Gridiron Dinner, calling his attack on her intelligence “racist.”

If that’s not proof enough that the congresswoman is one smart cookie, examples of her lofty intellect abound.

Such as when she lamented in June of 2017 that 700 billion Kentuckians would lose health care coverage if Obamacare were repealed. Seven hundred billion — that’s, like, half the state!

Or consider her claim in February 2013 that sequestration could cost the nation 170 million jobs, an observation that is made that much more sobering by the fact that at the time there were only 134 million people in the workforce. When the nation starts losing 127% of its workers, a brainy lawmaker like her is right to call attention to it.

As a Congresswoman, Waters has been a trailblazer, calling, for example, for Donald Trump’s impeachment before he took the oath of office.

And let’s not forget that Waters still has not condemned death threats against Trump or his supporters…


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