Trump To Restore Work Requirements For Welfare

President Trump is working to restore work requirements for able-bodied welfare recipients.  This is a good thing because it is open to so much fraud.  People who work off the books not only pay no taxes but can be eligible for food stamps, HUD, HEAP and a whole alphabet full of government freebies since they have no recorded and verifiable income.

This is sure to make liberals cry and call Republicans racist, but so what?  They say that when a conservative says, “Good morning.”  The truth is a large number of people drop off from welfare when work is required.

Here is some proof:

New York- By restoring the luster of the work ethic and providing a path to real jobs, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani often says, his workfare program has played the central part in the dramatic reduction of New York City’s welfare rolls. The numbers he cites are stark and indisputable: the rolls have dropped more than 30 percent in the last three years, to 797,000 from 1.16 million.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Alabama- Alabama began 2017 by requiring able-bodied adults without children in 13 counties to either find a job or participate in work training as a condition for continuing to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

According to AL.com, the number of those recipients declined from 5,538 to 831 between Jan. 1 and the beginning of May – an 85 percent drop.

Georgia- Similar changes were implemented in select counties in Georgia and by the end of the first three months, the number of adults receiving benefits in three participating counties dropped 58 percent, according to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported that in 21 additional counties that restored the work requirement, there was a 62 percent drop in SNAP participants.


In October 2014, Gov. Paul LePage announced that able-bodied adults would have to find work, spend 20 hours per week in a work program, or perform community service for six hours a week.

Food stamp participation declined 14.5 percent from 235,771 in January 2014 to 201,557 in January 2015, according to the state.

Kansas- Kansas saw a 75 percent decline after implementing work requirements in 2013. In addition, nearly 60 percent of former beneficiaries found employment within 12 months and their incomes rose by an average of 127 percent per year, according to the Foundation for Government Accountability.

The problem is that liberal states reject work requirements and they ban those requirements in order to boost their voter base.  States will still be able to offer food assistance for able bodied adults, but in order to do so, they must foot the bill themselves.  You will be able to count the number who will continue the program on less than one finger.

“Chairman Brady believes that work requirements are essential to providing Americans with real paths out of poverty and up the economic ladder,” said Shane McDonald, spokesperson for House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady. “Today’s action by the Trump administration ties in seamlessly to the work that he and the committee are doing to deliver policy solutions that truly improve the lives of American families nationwide.”

The 1996 law required states to show that a significant percentage of their welfare rolls — officially known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) — spent time on “work activities,” which could include actual work, but also school or job training.


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