Transgender Madness: A World Gone Insane. Youth: The Prime Meat.

Parents: Beware!

BACK in the day, few would have conjured up, even in their darkest nightmares, what is considered “normal” within today’s upside-down society. Indeed, the biggest craze is: boys can be girls and vice versa – biological facts, be damned. It makes no diff.

ALL of this twisted “normalization” – which has long been deemed a psychiatric disorder, namely, gender dysphoria – has been pushed to center stage, a litmus test of sorts. Yes, to be deemed a “worthy” human being, well, jump on board – or else!

AND if there are those whose response is: Calm Down, Woman!  Good luck with that. Trust, the kiddies are, will always be, the red line. You got that?

Calm Down Calm Your Tits GIF - Calm Down Calm Your Tits Just Calm Down GIFs


AS is said, there is a method to their madness. Consider:


IN a nutshell, as Bugs Bunny used to say: “That’s All Folks!” Almost.

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