Tolerance, liberal style: Ben Shapiro banned from speaking at DePaul about campus tolerance

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Ben Shapiro banned DePaul
Ben Shapiro

Liberals like to claim they celebrate “diversity” and “tolerance,” but when push comes to shove, they really don’t.  On Tuesday, Twitchy reported that Ben Shapiro was banned from speaking at DePaul University.  His topic? Tolerance on campus. Seriously.

As Twitchy put it: “[N]othing says tolerance like banning speech.”

Especially when the topic is, ahem, “tolerance.”

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Twitchy added:

Let’s hope he speaks anyway because c’mon, how can the university pretend to care about tolerance when it blocks someone like Shapiro from speaking. Probably not the smartest move folks, just sayin’.

It seems that Shapiro plans to speak anyway.  Or will at least try…

We’ll be watching…

A post at Heat Street said:

DePaul’s branch of the Young America’s Foundation invited Shapiro to speak on campus at the Hoff Summers’s event, in defiance of a ban from school officials put in place last August. YAF announced the change over the weekend. But when DePaul administrators got wind of the plan, they took swift and decisive action, threatening to suspend or even ban the club for failing to follow their orders.

For what it’s worth, I’ve personally experienced liberal “tolerance” and believe me, it’s not pretty.  I’ve even been compared to Hitler for supporting religious freedom.  Seriously.

I’ve said it time and again:  Liberals don’t really believe in free speech — they reserve it for themselves.

Twitchy put it this way:

Actually this is the definition of LIBERAL these days – agree with them and they love you and support you. Disagree with them and they block you and ban you.



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