TikTok Will Now Censor Content That Questions Global Warming Dogma

(Natural News) In celebration of Earth Day on April 21, the China-owned social media platform TikTok will implement new censorship rules that aim to silence all dissent against the idea of global warming and climate change.

Even as transgender influencers and other perverts continue to indoctrinate young children via the platform, TikTok is more concerned about the spread of climate “misinformation,” which it wants to bury while elevating “authoritative information” about the climate to the top of the search query list for such terms.

Just to clarify, “misinformation,” in this context, refers to any information that is considered harmful to powerful climate interests. “Authoritative information,” on the other hand, is information that powerful climate interests want to be amplified so they can achieve their man-made climate hoax goals.

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The First Amendment was never supported by TikTok, which hails from communist China

In a blog post, TikTok announced that its new focus will be on “driving sustainability awareness,” which is code for brainwashing impressionable youth into fearing a “climate crisis” so they will be more obedient to the “authorities” about how to “fix” it.

TikTok’s leaders say they have an “important role to play in empowering informed climate discussions,” which involves silencing all users who defy the official story about a heating planet.

“Several initiatives will help reduce harmful climate change misinformation while elevating authoritative information year-round,” the post further states, adding that information to be censored includes any that “undermines well-established scientific consensus.”

“Denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it,” TikTok says, will result in user videos being “fact checked” by biased organizations whose job it is to push the official narrative about a warming planet and the “need” to deindustrialize it.

According to independent journalist Chris Menahan, this latest act by TikTok is clearly the result of “a Chinese company … responding to ‘market incentives’ – which in this case is the U.S. government threatening to ban them entirely.”

While nearly all social media platforms, at least the mainstream ones, openly censor content now, TikTok is arguably the worst. It has always been hostile to right-leaning content, which stands in contrast to openly dangerous content like dangerous “challenges” (i.e., the Benadryl Challenge, which killed at least one young boy), which is promoted on the platform.

“That’s fine,” wrote Paul Joseph Watson sarcastically about the Benadryl Challenge, which involve taking a dozen or more Benadryl pills in the hopes of hallucinating – as well as TikTok’s promotion of it, “but calmly suggesting that the ‘climate crisis’ may not be the apocalypse some are claiming will be ruthlessly forbidden.”

In the comments, someone wrote that China clearly wants more young Americans to vote for Democrats because they are the party pushing the man-made climate change false narrative.

“Voting for Democrats is good for China,” this person further suggested. “You know, like when China launched a bioweapon (covid) on America disguised as an ‘accidental lab leak from Wuhan.’”

Another wrote that it is nothing short of ironic, not to mention hypocritical, for China to be censoring content questioning climate change when it remains a world leader in carbon output and coal plant construction.

“The Chinese define global warming … if it were a real thing,” this person said.

Another stressed that what this all comes down to is the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) aggression against free market economies, which the United States used to have before the corporate oligarchies took over and replaced it with fascism.

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