The wisdom of Solomon…needed then and needed now


Trying to portray themselves as the ‘good guys’ the Taliban have offered to release POW Army Spc. Bowe Bergdahl but with a caveat…the US must first release five senior Taliban operatives currently being held at GITMO.

Five barbaric brutal terrorists in exchange for this one brave American that our Commander-in-Chief, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has left behind.

And while Taliban spokesman Shaheen Suhail said Spc. Bergdahl “is as far as I know in good condition” Bowe has spent four years amongst demons from hell…so what’s his condition really…what horrors has he endured for the Taliban are NOT know as gracious hosts as the few who have escaped their clutches have told.

And these barbarians are the ones Obama has said his administration will sit down and negotiate with…but…and this is critical…could sitting down and talking to the enemy actually bring Bowe home.

America leaves NO one behind but should America now cave in to terrorists to bring one left behind home…only the wisdom of Solomon can solve this one.

America has a policy of NOT negotiating with terrorists…ever…at least we did until Barack HUSSEIN Obama became president, but now that will change and why NOT for this president has already told the enemy when our troops will be leaving, thus allowing them to bide their time and wait until we’re gone to retake the countries our brave troops sacrificed so much to free. I guess Obama figures since we already gave them this why NOT acquiesce and give them the rest of what they want…five brutal terrorists who will now be free to kill Americans yet again.

I have a problem with this but apparently our miserable excuse of a president does NOT.

But knowing how easy it is to play Obama, the Taliban are using the prisoner exchange as item number one on their agenda before they’ll even agree to negotiations. The Taliban have actually played the game well and taken control of what will or won’t happen…and played it by using Bowe Bergdahl as a pawn in a game that has NO real winners.

Taliban spokesman Suhail put the Taliban’s conditions for talks on the table…and now it remains to see if Obama will play…”first there has to be the release of detainees,” Suhail said in a recent interview for the Taliban “want to build bridges of confidence.”

And building bridges of confidence to the Taliban means one American POW for five Taliban terrorists.

And while Bowe’s family was “encouraged by the hopeful new development” as were all of us who have worked so hard keeping Bowe’s plight in the public’s eye, the question still remains is getting Bowe home worth the shame the United States will indeed endure for caving to blackmail…for that is what this is…blackmail at the hands of the enemy.

As a mom myself I CANNOT fathom the pain Bowe’s mom and dad must be going through every waking hour…the worry of NOT knowing is their son really alive…how is he being treated…all the horrors the families of former POWs have suffered. So with that my heart says YES…bring Bowe home now…give the enemy what they want to get Bowe home.

But, if I distance myself from being a mom and from my heart’s emotions, and just look at this as an American patriot I wonder what Bowe would want…would he want to come home knowing the conditions of his release…would he want to come home knowing that his release could cause many others to die at the hands of the five that he was traded for…

But can one really distance oneself from being both a mom and a patriot…NOT for me as the two are intrinsically tied together into who I am. So is the answer as a patriot and as a mom that I would rather bury my own son than watch other families bury theirs…

The wisdom of Solomon is so needed now.

Bowe must come home, we all agree on that, but at what price to America, for if we give in to terrorists now will these terrorists kidnap even more Americans and demand even more from us for their release…will the Taliban threaten their lives to hold America itself hostage…I think we know the answer to that one.

Or do we stand strong and say in a loud and clear voice that America will NOT trade five vile, evil, terrorists to bring even one American hero home.

You know there is an answer, maybe an answer NOT using the wisdom of Solomon, but an answer nevertheless…an answer that both brings Bowe home and says ‘screw you’ to the enemy at the same time…we need to go in and get Bowe ourselves…something that should have been done long ago…and in NO way do I believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn’t know where Bowe is or approximately where he is.

We can do this…we can bring Bowe home on our own…we just need the ‘go order’ to get it done, and the collateral damage to the enemy in the process be damned.

Rest assured, Bowe, we patriots will NOT let you be left behind.



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