The Dark Money Trail of Opponents to Israel’s Judicial Reform

Like clockwork, leftists thugs turn to physical aggression when they don’t get their political way — but who is funding these protests?

(Originally published at American Thinker)

My devastating indictment “On the Brink of Judicial Reform, Israel’s Leftists Grow Panicked” has a new development. A mere two weeks ago, the stoked chaos between right and left was only incendiary language — now, Israel’s leftists have turned angry demonstrations into a physical onslaught. The tensions accelerated much more rapidly than anticipated. A mild understatement.

Indubitably, the left is out for blood.

Excerpted from the above-mentioned analysis:

But in order to fully comprehend the urgency of the absolute upheaval in Israel, a brief backgrounder is in order, as per the history, the make-up, and the impending shake-up of the Supreme Court. Revolutionary.

Most significantly, for all intents and purposes, the Supreme Court in Israel operates as an oligarchy: a self-selecting/self-perpetuating fiefdom of like-minded, leftist ideologues who reflexively rule against the conservative government. Foxes guarding the hen-house.

…the frenzied and hostile response to the proposed reforms is a direct result of the terror these leftists feel in their hearts. Righting the ship of State will vitiate their long-held, vise-grip on power and control — and they know it.

Alas, as always, akin to clockwork…like night follows day…with the speed of a bullet-train, too, no sooner did the aforementioned prognostication commence its journey (as par for the course, when ricocheting around the internet), domestic-laden fireworks exploded. That fast. Wait and see.

Demonstrably, consider this recent headline as an encapsulation thereof: “‘Day Of Disruption’: Tel Aviv protest against judiciary reform turns violent”. From the article:

Highway 1 was blocked off with chains and barbed wire, as the protesters made good on their promise to escalate their methods and ‘move on to direct action.

…the protest turned violent with demonstrations moving on police barricades[.]

In reality, not a day has gone by that the left hasn’t shut down large swathes of the country — with neither an end nor exceptions, in sight. Indeed, as leftists are wont to do, all of their (planned) chaos becomes justified under the wicked Machiavellian maxim: “the ends justify the means” — even to the point of blocking access to hospitals and cemeteries, alike. Is nothing held sacred in their distorted worldview, namely, life-saving treatments and the burying of the dead? Rhetorical.

As a topper, school children are more than encouraged (by their teachers, administrators, and diehard leftist parents) to join the uprisings — despite a mandate from the Education Ministry not to bring politics into the classrooms. This is a mirror-image to the firebrands endemic within the U.S. school system and beyond. Cancerous.

Not only that, and in support thereof, the above is amply illustrated within the attached video, albeit, through a sneaky, biased presentation which tilts leftward. As such, the viewer can glean a sampling of the incitement and justifications. Glaringly, the top dogs are chomping at the bit.

And as predicted at this end, the Biden-Obama 3.0 shock troops synchronized, too. Inexorably, the nanosecond that judicial reform became a top electoral mandate, the fiery stage was set via top-down orders from the left’s foaming-at-the-mouth “Captains of Chaos”. So, on a practical basis, Israel’s leftward vanguard, AKA the chieftains, dutifully prepped their internal foot soldiers. Thus, as accomplished commandants, the revolutionary left stands ready to veer into hyperdrive formation (mind you, not unlike BLM/Antifa anarchists). Not too incidentally, the indoctrination spans across every age group. No group is too young, nor too old. Sound familiar?

From elementary school children to the geriatric set, large swathes are recruited into action mode. Meanwhile, their rabble-rousing leaders feign that these events are merely expressions of the “democratic right” to protest. Hogwash. It is nothing of the sort. Rather, the rallying cry goes thusly: the ends justify the means, that is, as long as the Supreme Court remains as is.

And herein lies the rub:

As brilliantly exposed and analyzed by Caroline Glick, a widely-esteemed geo-strategist, the following financial dots lead straight from the underbelly of the U.S. Deep State Mafia (funneled through hostile, anti-Israel NGOs…never mind their touchy-feely monikers) to their subversive counterparts in Israel! Per Glick:

Lawfare, or the use of the language of law and the judicial process to achieve political, rather than legal, outcomes, isn’t the only aspect of the left’s current campaign to overturn the election results where MQG is leading the charge. The movement is also the primary organizer and sponsor of the mass protests against judicial reform. The speakers at the rallies stand under the MQG banner when they call for insurgency, civil war and violence.

Since the media, as full partners in MQG’s efforts, are working now as full-time propagandists, no one is asking the organizers who finances their activities. Someone is paying tens of millions of shekels to rent buses to transport scores of thousands of people to rallies, buy them flags, print banners and signs, rent stages and sound systems, and finance ad campaigns in every newspaper and on billboards across the country.

Whoever is footing the bill, the front group for all of it is MQG.

A look at MQG’s funding reports on the Government Registrar of Non-Profits website doesn’t reveal much. MQG’s private and institutional donors are unnamed. But under the law, all registered nonprofits are required to report funding they receive from foreign governments. So MQG’s only named donor on its annual reports is the U.S. State Department.

On and on the evidentiary trails jump between the twin left-camps within the U.S. and Israel.

All in all, the established connections can no longer remain under the radar. It was this blindness which left countless rational folks scratching their heads, wondering, how can this be? Are Svengalis in their midst?

Inherently, as an American-Israeli and an eye/ear witness to the anarchy, watching a heretofore mostly independent-minded people behave like robotic disciples is otherworldly. Ordinarily, to corral even a fraction of the Israeli Jewish population into lock-step is about as impossible as herding up stallions or outdoor cats — this writer is no exception, though raised in NYC.

Inextricably, the majority Jewish population are known for their fierce independence and in-your-face ability to go it alone, regardless of ideology — and it is such a brash attitude that has made Israel a worldwide power-house AKA “The Start-Up Nation.”

Most perplexingly, and to drive the point home, many who spend significant time in the Jewish homeland come to recognize that it is culturally unnatural for a mostly independent-minded, brash population (primarily, the majority Jewish public) to fall into line — other than when fighting in the IDF for national survival. Extrapolating further, just like in warfare, the left utilizes force multipliers as strategic imperatives.

In no uncertain terms, the war-drums to civil war are reaching a crescendo.

Adina Kutnicki is an investigative journalist, living in Israel since 2008. Her work concentrates on militant Islamic jihad and its western knock-on effects, as well as the red/green alliance. She is the co-author of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, She blogs at: Adina Kutnicki, A Zionist & Conservative Blog (www.adinakutnicki.com) and is an op-ed contributor at several news sites.

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