The Biden 2022 Discretionary Budget Request – Are Your Gun Rights at Stake?

Calling firearms a “Gun Violence Health Epidemic” the Biden 2022 Discretionary Budget request takes aim at your guns. It does not combat gun violence, it attacks the weapons themselves. It also states that the request is just the beginning – that Biden’s agenda will be fully known in his standard budget request. From addressing “climate change” to “demanding environmental justice,” the document misses the real problems America faces.

“But the investments described below are far from the only steps the Nation must take to tackle those challenges and seize those opportunities. The request includes discretionary funding proposals only, while the President’s forthcoming Budget will include major, complementary mandatory investments and tax reforms as part of a comprehensive, fiscally responsible plan to meet the Nation’s challenges.”

Biden 2022 Discretionary Budget request

Hiding in plain sight

Claiming that gun violence is an epidemic, they justify extra monies going to the CDC and NIH for “research” into gun violence. They are giving the ATF and DOJ more monies so they can “oversee the safe sale, storage, and ownership of firearms” and the DOJ to combat domestic terrorists. Jamming this request under the heading of a public health crisis gives the government more power – as we have seen with the Covid pandemic they’ve abused it to the detriment of our Constitutional rights.

“Combats the Gun Violence Public Health Epidemic. The discretionary request includes 2.1 billion, an increase of $232 million above the 2021 enacted level, for DOJ to address the gun violence public health crisis plaguing communities across the Nation. Investments include $401 million in State and local grants, an increase of $162 million or 68 percent. This level supports existing programs to improve background check systems, and invests in new programs to incentivize State adoption of gun licensing laws and establish voluntary gun buyback pilot programs. In addition, a total of $1.6 billion is provided to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, an increase of $70 million or five percent over 2021 enacted, to oversee the safe sale, storage, and ownership of firearms and to support the agency’s other work to fight violent crime. The discretionary request for the HHS doubles funding for firearm violence prevention research at CDC and NIH. Combined, the requests for DOJ and HHS include $200 million to support a new Community Violence Intervention initiative to implement evidence-based community violence interventions locally, which may include hospital-based interventions.”

The Biden 2022 Discretionary Budget request

The creeping definition of “domestic terrorists”

The Biden 2022 Discretionary budget also requests money to the Department of Homeland Security to address domestic terrorists. It does not mention Islamic terrorists, which after the disastrous Afghanistan pullout will guarantee a huge uptick in the danger to America. As the Gun Writer Lee Williams stated, none of the parents targeted by the DOJ have flown planes into buildings. It requests millions for the Department of Justice to combat domestic terrorism as well as the DHS. (Does that mean even more parents and ordinary people will be subjected to investigations by the FBI and DHS?)

“Responds to Domestic Terrorism. The discretionary request provides a total of $131 million to support diverse, innovative, and community-driven methods to prevent domestic terrorism while respecting civil rights and liberties. This funding, which builds on the 2021 enacted level, supports critical research on the root causes of radicalization and enhanced community outreach. The discretionary request includes $20 million for grants to build local capacity to prevent targeted violence and all forms of terrorism, in addition to approximately $75 million available under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Homeland Security Grant Program. These investments complement those that the discretionary request includes for the Department of Justice.”

The Biden 2022 Discretionary Budget request

The document has TWO sections regarding their term “gun violence public health crisis.” And it is highly unlikely in the current politically charged atmosphere that the federal agencies will “respect civil rights and liberties” as it responds to domestic terrorists. We’ve already seen where that narrative is going.

[Note: the discretionary budget is what Congress allows each year and is variable. The mandatory budget such as Social Security, Medicare, etc is set by law, and not subject to the discretionary requests.]


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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