Texas: Pro-gay woman threatens Muslims ‘coming back to kill them’

Muslims make their feelings known. (Pinterest)
Muslims make their feelings known. (Pinterest)

Despite Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders somehow failing to mention that the Orlando Massacre was perpetrated by an individual who adhered to a rather violent strain of Islam, an unknown woman in Texas reportedly wants to wreak vengeance on all Muslims. As reported by the Dallas Morning News, and also by the Star-Telegram (of Fort Worth, Texas), local law enforcement are on the look-out for the rather enigmatic vigilante.

As reported, a yet to be publicly identified member of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County mosque claims she and others were threatened with death. As claimed, a woman driving an SUV who also was supposedly wearing a “Pride” shirt spelled out in rainbow colors, yelled “get out of America and that someone was coming back to kill them.” It’s widely understood in popular culture that both “Pride” and the rainbow colors are the identifying symbols of the pro-homosexual movement.

Unfortunately for the residents of Fort Worth, Arlington, and the rest of the public in Tarrant County, that’s the only information released by the police. With the Orlando Massacre not even 24-hours old, government officials and law enforcement officers in Florida have stressed to the public, “If you see something, say something.”

For whatever curious reason, that’s not happening in Central Texas. The alleged perpetrator’s approximate age, height and weight, hair color, or race hasn’t been released. Neither has the SUV’s make and model, color, or even a partial from the license plate been divulged to the law abiding public.

The Islamic Association of Tarrant County Board of Directors President Aslam Khan said “he believed the threat was a reaction to the deadly mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub.” Khan also added that “members of his congregation were praying for the victims’ families.”

However, Khan’s claim doesn’t quite jive with the statement given by Farid Saiyed, the Islamic Association’s vice chairman. As noted by the Star-Telegram, Saiyed claims “he received a text message saying that a woman came to the mosque and shouted, ‘Death to all Muslims!’ multiple times.” Far from done, Saiyed groused, “There are lot of people that when something happens. … They always blame Muslims for everything.”

Very possibly still in the memories of Tarrant County law enforcement would be the situation that rocked the very politically correct campus of the University of Texas-Arlington last year. As reported by the Dallas Morning News last year, “A UT-Arlington student who claimed she was threatened at gunpoint on campus this week admitted Friday that she’d lied, a university spokeswoman said.”

As cited, the co-ed also posted on social media that “the man might have targeted her because she is Muslim.” Also, “The student told police she hadn’t even been at the school the day she said the incident occurred.”

When Peterson first published his article, UT-Arlington officials had not released the student’s name, and it was unclear [at the time] if she would be charged with filing a false police report. Furthermore, the student could not be reached for further comment.


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