James Foley originally kidnapped by ‘moderate’ Obama-funded Free Syrian Army

isis-behead-journalistAs it turns out, James Foley, the journalist recently beheaded by ISIS terrorists, was originally kidnapped by a group aligned with the so-called Free Syrian Army, the allegedly “moderate” group embraced by John McCain.

Keep in mind, this is the group the Obama regime gave weapons to, and the same group John “McRINO” McCain guaranteed were “moderates.”

But as we’ve reported before, this is also the group that cut the head off a 40-day-old infant

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Robert Spencer notes at Jihad Watch:

Then he was turned over to the Islamic State as a token of this Free Syrian Army group’s allegiance to the new caliphate. The Free Syrian Army are the “moderates” to whom the Obama Administration has given weapons in Syria. Thus the incoherence of the Obama foreign policy is laid bare: he is funding what he considers to be heroic freedom fighters in Syria who, when they cross over into Iraq, become bloodthirsty terrorists.

The International Business Times has more:

The Dawood Brigade joined in an alliance with the Suqour al-Sham (Falcons of the Levant) in the Jabal al-Zawiya region of the northwestern province of Idlib. As the war progressed, Suqour al-Sham and Dawood expanded their influence to areas such as Damascus and Aleppo. The group also got a new leader, Hassan Abboud.

No details about Foley’s captors have yet been released by the State Department, the White House or Global Post.

In the past two years, rumors have circulated about the whereabouts of several kidnapped American journalists in Syria and how exactly they went missing. For the parents of those missing, releasing information about their children has not always been an easy decision. Like with many investigations, releasing too much information could make matters worse. In the case of James Foley, his family and Global Post decided to keep whatever information they might have possessed about his captors secret to protect him.

The bottom line is that Obama’s feckless foreign policy armed these monsters.  Now, Obama calls them a cancer.  But the reality is that Obama and lapdogs like McCain enabled them.

Now, they’re out murdering everyone and everything in sight.

As for being moderate, Pamela Gellar notes:

They are not moderate now and never were moderate. They were only “moderate” to the weak and feckless John McCain and John Kerry — and to the post-American President. So now we’re giving weapons to these jihadis in Syria, while they kidnap Americans and give them to those who have vowed to destroy the United States. Madness.

Don’t forget, part of the reason we were unable to rescue Foley and the others earlier this summer is because Obama dragged his feet and delayed giving the order


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