ISIS barbarians execute captive by rolling tank over him

tank2If it’s a day ending in “y,” there’s a good chance that ISIS will have engaged in yet another brutal atrocity.

According to reports, the militant Islamic group executed a Syrian army captive by running a tank over him.  Pictures and video of the brutal act was posted to social media sites.  One video, posted at the Right Scoop, cuts away just as the tank is getting ready to run over the captive.

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The Right Scoop added:

U.S. forces joined the fight against ISIS this week as they saved 70 hostages that our intelligence indicates were just about to be massacred in a mass execution. Unfortunately one U.S. soldier was killed, and several others were injured, but the hostages were freed.

One can only wonder what the next atrocity will be.  And one can wonder why our alleged Commander-in-Chief does nothing of any real value.


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