Texas 7th-grader banned from wearing Star Wars T-shirt showing stormtrooper with gun

ABC affiliate KTRK

On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that Colton Southern, a seventh-grade student from Rosenberg, Texas, got into trouble at his school over a T-shirt displaying a Star Wars stormtrooper with a gun.

According to the Post, Southern is “a boy scout, an active member of his church and volunteers at a state park not far from his home…”

But he did the unthinkable and wore a t-shirt the school administration didn’t like.

The Post reported:

Joe Southern told KTRK that his son has worn the shirt on several other occasions without a problem, but this time was different. School officials, Southern told KTRK, informed the boy that the shirt was banned because it included an image of a weapon. Instead of sending him home, officials forced the boy to cover up the T-shirt by zipping up his jacket.

Naturally, this didn’t sit too well.

“It’s political correctness run amok,” the boy’s father told Houston’s KTRK. “You’re talking about a Star Wars t-shirt, a week before the biggest movie of the year comes out. It has nothing to do with guns or making a stand. It’s just a Star Wars shirt.”

The move also got criticized on Twitter:

Twitchy put it this way: “May the stupid be with you.”

We agree.



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