Government Releases Plan To Block Sunlight, Change Clouds

In a report that at least admits they do not actually know what they are talking about, the National Academy of Sciences has brought more opinion into the talk of reflecting sunlight to save the climate. The government scientists that have worked on the report suggest that humans now make changes to clouds to help stop drought and other effects. This is not saying how it would actually change the world’s climate, just that this should be considered, as the sun is the bad guy in the report. This could be from the fact that the writer is considering regions, which is stated in the book.

Author Perspective

The main consideration for people when reading the study called “Reflecting Sunlight: Recommendations for Solar Geoengineering Research and Research Governance” is that the main author lives in California. That area is going through a drought and has little water to work with. This is not the case in many other parts of the United States and can color the opinion of any person, even if they are a scientist. There is also no mention of the federal and state government mandates that limit access to some water because of environmentalists’ claims. The report also neglects to talk about the use of proven desalination technology to utilize the ocean for water.

Methods of Change

The author of the study has listed three primary ways to make changes to the climate. All three would mean making changes to clouds, though there is no proof of what will change if this is done. One part says that aerosols need to be injected into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight. Another part is to add particles to low-lying clouds to reflect sunlight. The last one suggests thinning out cirrus clouds to allow heat to go off the planet. The seeding of clouds is possible, but thinning of clouds is still in the science fiction section. Take into account that none of this changes what most scientists claim are the real causes, it does not seem to be worth the costs.

Cost Issues

There are issues in some areas and no person will deny this. Water has been poisoned around the world because businesses and governments cared more about profit and not sanity. The Sahara spreads because the locals refuse to let trees remain that could hold the desert back. The mishandling of water in California by many government agencies has led to water shortages. This does not even begin to try and come up with the costs of plans like reflecting sunlight that no scientist fully understands. It does not help when people like Bill Gates gets involved and are pushing science that is not fully understood.

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This is more of the ways that government wastes money. Just writing the report took the money, which included the salaries of the people writing and reviewing the book. There are issues that these people can be looking into. Figuring out how to take the poison out of the water in Flint, Michigan would be a start. Another issue is how to introduce desalination plants into California to alleviate water shortages. Reflecting sunlight has no valid use except to waste money.

But isn’t that what the left does best?


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