Teen tyrant David Hogg falsely claims NRA is ‘funded and controlled’ by Russians

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On Tuesday, David Hogg, the foul-mouthed anti-gun teen demagogue once dubbed the “king of the snowflakes” on Twitter, falsely claimed the National Rifle Association (NRA) is “funded and controlled” by the Russians.

“The NRA is Russian funded and controlled,” he said, offering no proof whatsoever.

Of course, Hogg has never been required to provide any proof for any of his false claims.

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He made the idiotic and false claim after posting this melodramatic, patently false and childish tweet:

Twitchy responded:

The NRA spent over $30 million on Trump’s campaign. But it’s a bit of a leap from that to “Russia used the NRA to give Trump $30 million.” Especially if you’re not willing to show your work.

Others demanded Hogg provide sources for his lies:

Pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv responded with this:

It’s called libel… And people have been sued over it.

Apparently not, as has been seen over and over again.

But this is what you get when a petulant, profane child is turned into a leftist hero.

Hogg, the Washington Times said, was all over news of the indictment of Maria Butina, a Russian national trying to exert influence with various groups.

According to the Times:

Ms. Butina, a Russian citizen, was arrested Sunday and charged with acting on behalf of the Russian government without registering as a foreign agent. According to the press release Mr. Hogg retweeted, Ms. Butina was tasked by the Kremlin with “infiltrating organizations having influence in American politics” to aid Moscow’s ends.

One of those groups was a gun-rights organization, according to the charging documents. It was widely reported Monday afternoon that the group was the National Rifle Association.

Hogg accused the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre of being a Russian asset and falsely called Butina a Russian spy:

As the Times reported, Butina has not been charged with espionage.

The Times further reported:

Nothing in the charging documents, and the crime of non-registering wouldn’t require it anyway, proves that Ms. Butina persuaded the NRA to change any of its historic stances, including its opposition to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“There is simply no indication of Ms. Butina seeking to influence or undermine any specific policy or law or the United States – only at most to promote a better relationship between the two nations,” her attorney Robert Driscoll said in a statement. “The complaint is simply a misuse of the Foreign Agent statute, which is designed to punish covert propaganda, not open and public networking by foreign students.”

As usual, facts don’t matter to Hogg — only the narrative.


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