What? Now we’re told there are over four times as many ‘DREAMers’ as previously stated?

As the GOP-led Senate approaches the witching hour when the government magically  “shuts down” (it really doesn’t, by the way…) thanks to the Democrats’ refusal to vote for the continuing resolution that would keep it open, USA Today reported that the actual number of DREAMers is closer to 3.6 million than the 800,000 estimate previously asserted.

You read that right…

The source of this information, according to USA Today immigration reporter Alan Gomez, is the Migration Policy Institute, “a non-partisan, non-profit think tank that studies global immigration patterns.”

The paper, which is intensely pro-DACA, sets this bombshell in the context not of its $26 billion cost to taxpayers over the next ten years but of the “number of people whose lives risk being uprooted”…


Keep in mind these are the same Democrats who said we would all die if the government shut down during the Obama regime and of course, they’re more than willing to let the active military go without pay.

As a final thought, can it not be more obvious that Democrats clearly prefer illegal immigrants over American citizens?  After all, they need more voters to ensure their electoral success

Let that sink in.

Details and more here.

H/T: Howard Portnoy, Liberty Unyielding


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