Ted Cruz Rips The Masks Off BLM And Antifa Tinkerpots — Who Are They REALLY? (Video)

Who exactly are these people, anyway? Pelosi, Nadler, Hirono and the Media seem hellbent on denying these agitators even exist while AOC, the Squad and other leftists cheer and throw money at them. What do we know about them, really?

That’s a question Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles sat down to answer.

As you know, there was a hearing recently on how those supposedly ‘peaceful protesters’ are burning down cities, targeting public buildings — like a courthouse in Portland — and deliberately injuring hundreds of law enforcement officers. (At the time of the filming, the most recent number was 277 injuries… in PORTLAND.)

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But despite that injury count, these are ‘mostly peaceful’ riots, we are told. If 247 school teachers, bureaucrats, or mail carriers were injured, Democrats would be issuing a full-scale inquiry. But because it is law enforcement, this is an acceptable number since they have been deemed by the Democrats and the media as a valid political scapegoat.

They won’t discuss the injuries to our uniformed public servants. They will only mention them when describing them as ‘thugs’, ‘stormtroopers’, ‘Gestapo’ or other emotionally-loaded terms.

Mazie Hirono walked out of that Senate meeting because it cut contrary to her party’s narrative. Their entire party refused to condemn — by name — leftist violence perpetrated by Antifa-affiliated political agitation groups. Neither did any of them retract or condemn their own party’s use of enormously pejorative terms to unfairly impugn federal law enforcement officers.

For the first part of this video, Cruz and Knowles explain what happened in that hearing, and what exactly the law enforcement in Portland has been dealing with.

The part about the kind of laser the anarchists are employing (which they cover between the 6:30 mark and the 8:50 mark) is something you will NEVER hear on the evening news coverage about the ‘peaceful’ protests.

Then they get into the really interesting part about WHO these people are. If you’re looking at the time stamps, this part begins at about the 11-minute mark after discussing how Republicans have a habit of mishandling the BLM question.

This clip is cued up to roughly that point, but you can back it up if you want to catch the rest.

The transcript below is a roughly accurate approximation of the conversation but stops short of being a verbatim reproduction. It was edited for content and space. Feel free to watch the full video for the complete text and proper context:

The statement ‘black lives matter’ is a truism. An overwhelming majority of Americans agree with it. It should be everywhere. Yeah, basically everyone I think agrees, but there’s something ver separate from the organization that is called black lives matter.

…there’s an article I entered into the record of the hearing from the Washington Examiner that gives some of the history of the organization. So it was founded by three radicals who described themselves in their own words as trained Marxists.

This is not me calling them Marxists they tell you they’re Marxists. They tell you they’ve studied Marx and Lenin, and Mao. There’s a video of [Patrisse Khan-Cullors], who’s one of the co-founders. She says she and Alicia Garza, another co-founder are trained Marxists, and the third co-founder, Opal Tometi is seen smiling in photograps with the communist dictator of Venezuela.

They’re not hiding this sort of thing.

One of the founders of the organization Black Lives Matter describes as her mentor Angela Davis.
Now, Angela Davis, I don’t have to call her communist. SHE tells you she was a communist. She was not once, but twice, the vice-presidential nominee of the Communist Party of the United States.

So she’s an avowed Communist Marxist and by the way, you know is rabidly anti-Semitic, rabidly anti-Israel.

Now Susan Rosenberg is the vice-chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents. Now what is Thousand Currents? Thousand Currents is what is funding the organization Black Lives Matter.

Who is Susan Rosenberg? She was part of the revolutionary military group known as the May 19th Communist organization affiliated with the Weather Underground. She was convicted of weapons and explosive charges and sentenced to 58 years in prison.

So she’s a convicted terrorist. By the way, she was pardoned by Bill Clinton on the last day of his Presidency.

… in the 1960s and 70s she was on the FBI’s most-wanted list. She was caught in 1984, unloading hundreds of pounds of dynamite and weapons including a submachine gun. So we’re not talking like a sort of mild little rebel.

So Garza, one of the Black Lives Matter founders, talks about how convicted cop killer Asante Shakur is one of her main inspirtions.

Now Shakur is — right now, today — on the FBI’s most-wanted list. There’s a million-dollar reward fo Shakur’s information leading to her capture. She’s believed to be hiding in Cuba and she was a member of the Black Liberation Army, another terrorist organization.

She’s wanted for escaping from prison, and she was in prison, serving a life sentence for murdering a police officer … who was shot execution-style point-blank.

It’s not like these folks … vaguely know each other.

…Cullors, one of the three founders wrote a memoir entitled ‘When They Call You A Terrorist’, a Black Lives Matter Memoir. So it’s like what we’re all about.

The forward is written by Angela Davis and the epigraph is written by Shakur, the cop killer.

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