Teachers TIED Mask On Face Of Non-Verbal Special Needs 7 Yr Old For WEEKS Without Notifying Her Parents (Video)

How does someone do this and not realize that they’re abusing a child?

Governor Ron DeSantis has stood up for parents making the decision whether or not to mask their children in schools, and he’s had a lot of pushback from leftists, the Corporate Media, and school boards who are so terrified of the China Virus that they’re fine with making children suffer unnecessarily.

DeSantis has said that he would fine schools that impose mask mandates on their students instead of leaving the decision with parents. If terrified parents want to mask their kids, they’re still free to do so, but parents who don’t want their kids in a filthy mask all day can choose not to inflict that on their children.

One of the counties that have been all-in on mask mandates for students is Brevard County on the east coast of the state. (FYI, Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach are both located in Brevard County.)

In September, DeSantis warned Brevard schools that they could face fines if they continue to impose mask mandates on students.

They apparently didn’t listen. Ocean Breeze Elementary School decided to take their mask mandate further and tied a mask on the face of a non-verbal 7-year old girl with Down’s Syndrome named Sofia.


Sofia’s parents had no idea that this was happening since the beginning of school because she was unable to tell them. They only learned of it when she came off the school bus on October 7 wearing a mask that was wet from her saliva and tied to her head with a thin, nylon string.

Wearing a mask for hours daily can cause skin and dental problems in healthy people, but there are complications for those with special needs.

Sophia has an enlarged tongue and breathes through her mouth, so wearing a mask for her can be dangerous or even deadly — she could aspirate, her breathing could be compromised by the wet mask and cause a seizure, or she could asphyxiate.

Fox News reports:

Sofia has an individual education plan (IEP), and educators are supposed to inform parents of any changes made to their children’s IEPs, Steele said. But the school never informed him or his wife that they were going to require Sofia to wear a mask, and no one asked the parents for their consent in tying it to her face during school.

Steele emphasized that his daughter breathes through her mouth and cannot speak, so wearing a mask is dangerous for her health in more ways than one.

Ocean Breeze Elementary School in Indian Harbour Beach implemented its own mask mandate in September in defiance of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ efforts to ban schools from requiring children to wear masks.

Jeffrey Steel says that he didn’t report the incident immediately because he needed to calm down. He also said that October 7 was the first time that Sofia had returned home wearing a mask and suspected that the teachers had been putting it on her during the day and removing it when she was returning home.

The family is furious that they were never informed that this was being done at school.

What’s worse is that they were communicating with the school about new negative behavioral issues both at school and at home. Despite being in contact with the school for that, no one thought to mention that they were tying a mask on this child’s face. Gee, think that might be relevant?

The school had previously informed Sofia’s parents that she had been removing her shoes at school. Steele and his wife contacted Ocean Breeze around that time because they “saw big behavior changes in Sofia at home.”

“We wanted to work with the school — we were working with her IEP — because we were getting notes all the time about Sofia’s behavior at school,” Steele said. “This was concerning to us because we were seeing the same sort of negative behavior at home, and we told them that. We still did not know there was a mask on her face at this time.”

Steele has hired an attorney and is pulling his daughter out of Ocean Breeze.

“We don’t want her to be a spectacle,” the father said. Sofia’s parents have also set up a fundraiser for their daughter on GiveSendGo called “Sofia’s rights.”

DeSantis and Republican Florida Rep. Randy Fine highlighted Sofia’s story on Wednesday, and Fine is considering introducing legislation during a special session that would increase penalties for people who force children to wear masks without their parents’ consent.
Source: Fox News

GiveSendGo fundraiser has been set up to cover legal fees to “take action against the school directly.”

You can donate here to support Sofia’s Rights.

In the description, Steel writes that when he met with the school, they admitted that they had been masking Sofia for weeks without parental consent. This violates Florida’s Parents’ Bill of Rights with the school usurping parental authority on decisions that affect Sofia’s health. It also violates Brevard County’s “Emergency K-12 Face Covering Requirement” which said that “[a] face covering shall not be required for persons who have documented through an IEP or 504 plan that the person has a medical, physical, or psychological contraindication that prevents the person from being able to safely wear a face covering.”

Sofia’s family had just assumed that she would be exempt from the mandate because of this clause. They have since requested an exemption and it has been granted. However, according to the plain wording of the document, it should have been automatic.

State Rep. Randy Fine told Fox News, “This is already criminal. I…plan to introduce legislation to increase the penalty. We’re going to be having a special session in Tallahassee, and I expect that we’ll pass a law in Sofia’s honor that puts people like Brevard Heart school board members who did this to Sofia in prison for a very long time.”

Fox 35 Orlando interviewed Jeffrey Steel.

Ms. Jennifer Jenkins, the educator turned school board member, can be outraged all she wants. But there should be a special place in hell for people like her that are so terrified of the virus that they don’t give a damn what wearing masks all day does to children. Especially since there is no evidence that masks on kids reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

And if she doesn’t like that, then she can take it up with Florida’s new Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo… but it’s unlikely that he’s going to be very sympathetic since he says that the state is committed to following the data and that shows that masks on kids just aren’t necessary.

When Ms. Jenkins gets her medical degree from Harvard, examines all of the data, and is appointed as the Surgeon General of Florida, she can make that decision, but until that point, the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis, which includes Dr. Ladapo, is calling the shots.

ClashDaily reported that teachers at a school in Colorado may have been taping masks to students’ faces:

Colorado School District Investigates Allegations Teachers Were TAPING Masks To Students’ Faces

The abusive masking of children by paranoiac teachers needs to end.

These COVID-psycho teachers are just more reason to homeschool your kids.

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