The Syrian disarmament game…and Obama is the loser

syrian time bombAnd so the Syrian ‘will we-or-won’t we’ disarmament game continues as al-Assad is now adding demands of his own…well actually demands in Russia’s best interest as Syria’s foreign policy is now what Russia says Syria’s foreign policy is.

While Vladimir Putin has proven to be one strong opponent as he eats up and spits out our wimp of a president, now Bashar al-Assad is flexing his muscle. On Russian television a few days ago, using Obama’s own ‘red lines’ against him, al-Assad stated that Syria giving up its chemical weapons is because of Putin’s plan NOT because of Obama’s threat of American military action. And he added for good measure that Obama must promise NOT to arm rebel forces or he will NOT turn anything over. And here’s the kicker thrown into the mix…al-Assad has now also demanded that Israel surrender its nuclear arsenal if any permanent deal is to go forward.

Yeah…like that will ever happen as Israel surrendering its weapons…while surrounded by enemies determined to wipe them off the map…is paramount to Israel giving them the go-ahead to do so.

“If we really want stability in the Middle East, all the countries [in the region] must honor the agreements. And the first country to do so must be Israel because it possesses nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons…all types of weapons of mass destruction” al-Assad said, stressing that Israel must ratify the agreement before anyone else, because while Israel signed the accord they have NOT yet ratified it.

But what al-Assad just does NOT get is that having such weapons in ones possession is one thing…using them is quite another and Israel has NEVER used them on anyone…at least NOT yet they haven’t.

And so diplomacy of sorts continues and has now entered a new phase. Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry started talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov…talks where he stated over and over that the military option proposed by Obama is still on the table.

“We are serious, as you are, about engaging in substantive, meaningful negotiations even as our military maintains its current posture to keep up the pressure on the Assad regime” Kerry bloviated while still ignoring any possibility that it’s been the rebels doing the gassing…doing the gassing to manipulate the US into entering the conflict on their side. And the rebels easily played (their brethren) Obama to do their bidding by publicizing (phony) pictures of dead children… using children as propaganda…and they did it oh so successfully.

And so the back-and-forth, tit-for-tat continues with Lavrov countering Kerry by saying he believes the “solution” to the issue of Syria’s chemical weapons “makes unnecessary any strikes on Syria” and with Kerry announcing that he’s bringing in a team of experts to deal with ‘identifying the mechanics’ of how Putin’s plan will work…or NOT work…you just know Kerry and Obama are hoping it falls flat…for if Putin’s plan fails Obama gets to shoot of his missiles and say, ‘I told you so’.

And exactly what is Putin’s plan…a plan of course denounced by the rebels…is simply a plan that has Damascus joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), declaring the locations of its chemical arms, allowing OPCW inspectors access, and arranging for destruction of the arsenal.

A plan that already has Damascus considering itself a full member of the organization even as negotiations continue…and while UN head Ban Ki-moon welcomed Syria’s application, he said there were missing elements and that the application could be sent back to al-Assad.

Nothing like a little theater thrown in for added drama…

And adding even a bit more drama into this political theater of the absurd, while the world awaits the official UN report to be released this Monday as to whether gas was used during the August 21st attack near Damascus…Ban has been bloviating that al-Assad must still face ‘accountability’ for the massacres in Syria NO matter if the Syrian application is accepted or NOT accepted…NO matter what the UN report says or who they say did use the gas.

“What happened is that he (al-Assad) has committed many crimes against humanity. Therefore, I’m sure that there will be surely the process of accountability when everything is over,” Ban said.

So let’s get this straight…al-Assad, who now considers Syria a member of OPCW, has already been found guilty in the UN’s eyes without a trial and the rebels…the al-Qaeda backed rebels…get off scot-free. Can you say biased…but then again the UN…whom I refer to as the U(seless) N(ations)… lets the ‘badder guys’ off with nary a word of condemnation, so true to course as once again the UN sides with the ‘badder guys’.

But Obama is NOT getting off scot-free this time as the very rebels he’s supporting are now very unhappy that he caved to Putin. In fact, Moaz al-Yousef, a rebel brigade commander interviewed by The New York Times over the telephone, said Obama’s interest in the Russian proposal along with the now delayed Congressional vote is a betrayal of promises made to them.

Promises Barack HUSSEIN Obama made to America’s enemies…I cannot stress that enough…

“We had hopes, it was a dream, and now it’s gone and we feel disappointed,” al-Yousef said. “We should completely cut off our relationship with him…Obama has completely lost his credibility.”
Like Obama ever had any credibility…

Oh dear…now even the al-Qaeda loyal and Obama supported rebels are unhappy with him…can it get any better than this…yeah it can as Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, called the Russian proposal NOTHING but al-Assad buying time for “new massacres” and blaming it on Obama for NOT standing by the ‘red lines’ he drew in the sand over a year ago.

So who really wins if Putin’s peace plan is indeed implemented as proposed…NOT Obama that’s for sure…NOT al-Assad for he’ll be minus his weapons…NOT the rebels backed by al-Qaeda because Obama will NOT be allowed to arm them. The winner will be Russia, and most especially Vladamir Putin for the Russian so-called ‘Hardman’ will now own almost all the major Middle East players… including the most dangerous player of all…Iran.


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