Swalwell Back on Homeland Security Committee After Scandal With Chinese Spy.

In the world of great ideas, this one is a lulu – Speaker Nancy Pelosi put Eric Swalwell back on the Homeland Security Committee after the scandal of his relationship with a Chinese Spy. Great idea, no? No. Not smart at all.


Pelosi also made him an “impeachment manager” – pretty good for a Trump-hater. No such thing as ‘fair and balanced’ with Democrats.

As we all know, Eric Swalwell mentioned using a nuclear weapon against American citizens who stand for the 2nd amendment. He’s a rabid (and we mean rabid) anti-gunner. He loudly accused Roger Stone of being a traitor during the Mueller investigation. But it’s the Chinese spy scandal that should have stopped Nancy from appointing him to those committees.

Roger Stone had this to say:

So, in spite of the scandal, in spite of the potential disaster, Nancy Pelosi put Eric Swalwell on the Homeland Security committee. Where he will be privy to classified information.