Spanning the globe, ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the news

jihadi-junior-isis-daesh-493758In a slick video produced by the ISIS Islamic jihadists, a wee tot nicknamed “Jihadi Junior” by the British press is seen not only giving the OK hand signal and screaming the Islamist war-cry of allahu akbar, but also as the one hitting the detonator for an explosive device that executed three captives. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, a Correctional Officer (CO) in Washington state was attacked by an allahu akbar screaming inmate who used an improvised weapon in an attempt to execute the CO.

As reported by Britain’s The Independent on Feb. 11, 2016, four-year-old Isa Dare was the proverbial trigger man as three orange-clad captives were put to death by explosion. The three were seen handcuffed into the shell of a wrecked automobile, then berated as spies and traitors by a keffiyeh-wearing ISIS member who spoke with a British accent (see video).

At the end of the rather grisly film was young Isa seen detonating the means of the captives death. Reportedly, his mother is Grace “Khadija” Dare, a African-British woman from Lewisham, London, who was since gone to Syria with her husband, Abu Bakr, an Arab Muslim born in Sweden to immigrant CBCC-Attackparents. Reportedly, Bakr has been since met his demise.

In the meantime, in a medium security prison 7,000 miles from Syria, Correctional Officer Terry Breedlove remained at Forks Community Hospital after being attacked during his shift at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center in rural Forks, Washington. As reported by the Peninsula Daily News on Feb. 6, 2016, Breedlove was attacked on Jan. 25 by convict Abdinjib Ibraham, 28, of King County, Washington.

After prying the metal seat off of a chair, Inmate Ibrahim went after the CO, repeatedly striking him on the head and neck, all the while screeching allahu akbar. Initially diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, after an MRI it was determined that Breedlove also had sustained injuries to two of his vertebrae.

His mother, Joanne Spaulding, was quoted as saying “He’s going to be here longer, I think.” She added that her son can stand but experiences difficulty once standing.cbcc

Ibraham has since been transferred to the Washington State Penitentiary maximum security prison in the southeastern region of the state. The Peninsula Daily News reported that “Ibraham, who was serving a King County sentence for four counts of vehicular assault, driving under the influence, second-degree taking a motor vehicle and first-degree robbery.”

However, the Seattle Times reported in 2013 that Ibrahim was the individual responsible for a Thanksgiving Day crime spree that resulted in three children suffering several painful injuries. As reported, while speeding away from police in a stolen car, Ibrahim slammed into another vehicle that caused it to slip on its side. As noted, “One child suffered a broken nose, a second child suffered a broken femur and the third child suffered a broken pelvis in the crash.”


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