Social war in Virginia as counties go ‘Sanctuary’

There’s a new kind of civil war erupting in Virginia, as counties across the Old Dominion have essentially “seceded’ by declaring themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” as Democrats now in control of the State Assembly are threatening all kinds of new gun control laws come January.

More than 40 Virginia counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” to defy any gun control laws passed by anti-gun-rights Democrats now in control of the State Assembly in Richmond. (Dave Workman image)

It amounts to the proverbial “line in the sand” between Virginia gun owners and anti-gun Democrats led by Gov. Ralph Northam. Their agenda includes such things as returning to a one-gun-a-month restriction, so-called “enhanced background checks” and bans on so-called “high capacity magazines.”

But in public meetings in counties all around the state, hundreds of angry gun owners have been showing up to tell local lawmakers “No!” According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, more than 40 counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” On Tuesday, 11 counties joined the growing movement, signaling trouble ahead for Democrats in Richmond.

Many, if not most county supervisor boards have voted unanimously to adopt sanctuary resolutions. In some cases, public turnout for meetings has been so heavy that they had to move to larger locations. One even moved to a school. Others were standing-room-only.
Virginia has joined what amounts to a national movement of largely rural counties to declare sanctuary status. There are sanctuary counties in Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Alaska. Four of those states—Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska and Idaho—are total sanctuary jurisdictions according to a report at Wikipedia.

According to the Washington Examiner, Virginia Sanctuary activists are pulling no punches. Residents in southwestern Buchanan County demanding Northam’s resignation as governor. Earlier this year, Northam was nearly heavily criticized over a blackface scandal with images allegedly of him as a young man that appeared in a school annual.

Virginia Democrats were able to grab the Assembly majority primarily because of a low voter turnout last month. Less than 40 percent of eligible voters apparently cast ballots, a situation Virginia gun owners are not likely to let happen again. It was a learning moment about apathy versus activism.

There have been some opponents to the Sanctuary movement. Some Virginia residents support additional gun control laws, particularly in northern counties in the immediate area of Washington, D.C. The farther one travels from the Potomac River, however, the less likely one will find strong support for repressive gun control laws.


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